How to Maximize Your Bonus Winnings in UK Online Casinos

September 22, 2017 Posted in Betting Strategies, News, Tips by No Comments

Almost all UK licensed online casinos offer bonus packages to their players; it’s one of the most prolific marketing tools in the business. Bonuses are generally a win-win situation; the players get to enjoy free stuff in exchange for their loyalty to the casino. Some of the mainstream types of bonuses you will find in UK online casinos include the no deposit bonus, match bonus, loyalty bonus and cash backs. In most cases, however, bonus money cannot be withdrawn directly into your account. The casinos, instead, allow you to wager your bonuses for a chance to convert them into withdrawable cash. In this article, we will guide you on how to make the most out of your bonuses and maximize your winnings in UK online casinos. Read on.

Take advantage of first deposit bonuses

Most online casinos in the UK offer huge bonuses, up to 300%, on first deposits to attract more players. Though a maximum amount is usually set for the deposits, this is a perfect chance to benefit from the offer. Checking the bonus percentage and the corresponding maximum deposit in your preferred casino is important. By weighing these two factors, you can easily decide on an optimal first deposit amount. Remember, just like a first impression, you only get one chance. So, do it right!

Review all terms and conditions carefully

All UK online casinos have special rules regarding the use of all bonuses awarded to their UK players. These terms and conditions are perfectly normal and are there to protect the casinos from fraudulent behaviors from a section of players. A common restriction to look out for is the wagering requirements. Wagering requirements, or play-through requirements, specify the number of times the player has to wager the bonus money before qualifying for a withdrawal. Always check this requirement before committing yourself to any casino. The lower the wagering requirements the more control you have over your bonus money.

Always play by the rules

Casinos dislike smarty pants. I’ve seen lots of articles describing how to outsmart casino systems. My advice to you is, when dealing with bonuses, just don’t. I mean, come on. The bonus is already free! All legit online casinos in the UK want a fair chance of taking back your bonus. Online casinos have terms and conditions to prevent bonus abusers from having their way. To avoid having your bonuses forfeited, just stick to your regular gaming and follow the rules.

Variance slots

For UK players who love slots, it’s advisable to choose low or medium variance slots to maximize your chances of cashing out while still meeting the wagering requirements.  Sure, the odds are low and you may not win much, but your chances of making the play-through before your winnings are nulled are very high.

Know when to forfeit a bonus

In most UK online casinos, the number and value of bonuses increase with the player’s commitment to laying wagers. Moreover, most casinos let the players play with their own money first and when it runs out, they can redeem their bonuses. Assuming you have made big wins with your money without cashing in your bonus money, it would be wise to withdraw your money first before accepting bonuses which are limited by the wagering requirements.

With these tips, you can easily make the most out of your bonus money and maximize your chances of winning. Good luck!