Free Spins No Deposit

Free spins no deposit bonuses are the most sought-after bonuses at online casinos. With this special online casino bonus, you’ll receive free spins without having to make any deposit yourself. Just take the free spins and enjoy slots, no strings attached!

Bonusland’s comprehensive no deposit bonus list on this page will help you find the top free spins available for UK players. Just check out the bonus list, choose your free spins and sign up today.

Key takeaways:

  1. Enjoy a risk-free, fun casino experience without depositing money
  2. Grab tens of no deposit free spins for signing up
  3. Find the best free spins no deposit offer from Bonusland


You’re wrong if you thought that all casino bonuses require you to risk with your own money. Free spins no deposit bonuses open up a lovely option for you to play slot games without risking a dime.

Finding the best bonus spins may be tough, but that’s what Bonusland is here for. By following our tips and using our in-depth bonus comparison list, you can easily find the best free spins no deposit offers that are currently available for UK players.


How many free spins can I get without a deposit?

The number of free spins you can get without a deposit depends on the exact casino and the bonus terms. Usually, you can expect to receive between ten and a hundred bonus spins – no deposit required. Find the biggest UK free spins deals from the Bonusland comparison list on this page.

Are no deposit free spins bonuses legit?

Yes, no deposit free spins bonuses are legit and offered by many licensed UK online casinos. Free spins without deposit required is a common bonus that’s granted to new players – it acts similar to discounts. There’s no reason to doubt the legitimacy of the bonus, as long as you choose properly licensed casino sites.

Can I use free spins on mobile?

Yes, you can use free spins on mobile devices too. Some online casinos may offer a no deposit free spins bonus just for mobile users, but even if free spins aren’t directly meant for smartphone users, you can just sign up via your phone and still grab free bonuses as if you’d be playing via desktop.

Where’s the catch with free spins?

The catch with free spins and any other free money offers is simple: you must wager free spins. All bonus credit winnings must be played through a certain number of times before you can get the winnings paid to your bank account. If you don’t fill the bonus wagering conditions, the winnings will remain as only bonus funds on your account, not real money.

Who can claim free spins no deposit offers?

You can claim free spins no deposit offers as long as you’re of legal age, a lawful resident in the UK and comply with any other rules the casino may have. Also, free spins no deposit offers may sometimes be granted only to new registrations, not existing customers.

How long are free spins valid?

Free spins are valid anywhere between 24 hours to 14 days, depending on the casino. Some free spins no deposit offers may have a very short expiration date, whereas others may last longer. You can find the exact terms by reading the casino’s bonus conditions.

What does the max bonus conversion mean?

The max bonus conversion means that you can only receive a certain max cash amount when you wager free spins, a.k.a fulfil the casino’s wagering requirements. The bonus money can only be converted into real money up to a certain limit, the limit is the number that’s given with the ‘max bonus conversion’ term.

Is there any point in claiming free spins no deposit offers?

Yes, there’s definitely a point in claiming free spins no deposit offers, especially if online casinos are new to you and you’d like to try gambling without having any risks. If there’s no deposit needed, you can safely test the games without having to lose anything.

Is there a minimum deposit required for no deposit free spin bonus offers?

No, there is no minimum deposit required for no deposit free spin bonus promotions. No deposit bonus spins are granted just for a signup at the casino. You don’t even have to share your banking details nor add any money to your casino account – no deposit required bonus spins don’t need your funds.

Can I win real money with free spins?

Yes, you can win real money with free spins, even if there’s no deposit required. You have to fulfil some wagering requirements to withdraw the bonus wins, but if you manage to do that, you can easily receive your free spins winnings as real money.

How Does a Free Spins No Deposit Bonus Work?

Almost all online casinos offer free spin bonuses, but no other bonus is as exciting as the free spins no deposit one. As the name states, there’s no deposit required to claim this bonus. That’s right – no deposit free spin bonuses don’t ask any money from you whatsoever, not even £1.

Instead, you must open a casino account and thus, become a member, but there are no obligations, no strings at all.

This might seem strange since we all know online casinos aren’t exactly charitable organizations.

However, free spins no deposit required offers are meant as enticing marketing campaigns that hope to invite new players on board. The logic behind this is simple: the casino hopes that once you get a taste of the action, you may be inclined to make an actual deposit later.

It’s similar to how online stores share vouchers or discount codes to shoppers.

You may get tens of free spins awarded like this, just for opening an account. Your only task is signing up and playing and that’s where the obligations end for you.

No Deposit Free Spins vs Deposit Bonus Free Spins

Regarding bonus spins, in general, there are two types of free spins: the ones with a deposit required and the ones without deposit needed. On this page, we’re focusing on the latter: no deposit required kind of free spins.

The main difference between the two is obvious: free spins no deposit required means you really don’t have to put down a single penny to receive bonus spins.

With the other bonus, you’ll have to make a deposit first and even make sure you go through a valid debit card verification while making the deposit. No deposit bonus spins won’t require any of that.

But in addition to the deposit requirement, there’s one other significant difference. Since free spins no deposit bonus offer is so lucrative, it’s also a risky deal for the casino and understandably, the company can’t just offer thousands of free spins just like that.

For that reason, no deposit free spins tend to be on a smaller scale: often, you may receive around 10-20 free spins, sometimes up to 50 bonus spins.

A regular deposit bonus that comes with free spins grants a huge amount of spins. Online casinos may even offer hundreds of free spins just for making a small deposit. Free spins that come with a deposit bonus or a welcome bonus may sometimes be activated after making a £10 or £20 deposit.

Since free spins that come without a deposit required are so small in numbers, these bonuses aren’t that sustainable, and thus, many players will still, later on, opt for a proper deposit bonus that gives them more bonus spins.

How to Claim a Free Spins No Deposit Bonus

If you’ve never encountered an online casino in your life, you may be baffled after finding out you can receive free spins without a deposit required. And you’re probably even more baffled about figuring out how to actually get your hands on such free spins and use the bonus.

Below, we’re sharing some step-by-step guidelines on how to claim your no deposit bonus and get started with free spins.

Find the Top Free Spins Bonus

First, you have to choose the best free spins no deposit offer. For that, you don’t have to go googling around and spend hours and hours of your precious time.

Bonusland has done the hard work for you: we’ve already listed all the top UK no deposit free spins right on this page.

All you’ve got to do is to scroll through the free spins list, check out the casinos and take your pick.

Sign Up

After finding a suitable UK online casino, click on the button to head to the casino’s website and click on the signup button to start the registration process.

You’ll have to share some personal information with the casino: your name, birth date, address, and such. Don’t worry, this is a completely standard process you must go through at any licensed online casino.

Verify Your Account

After filling out the registration form, you’ll likely see a note about having to verify your account before you can use free spins.

This step varies depending on the casino, but you’ll often have to verify your account by entering a code sent to your phone or email. Ensure you enter a valid mobile number and email address during the signup.

The exact verification steps at a no deposit casino site may vary, so keep your eyes on the guidelines provided by the casino. If you have any doubts, you can always contact the casino’s customer support for some help.

Play and Have Fun

Once your account is verified, you should already see a note about a no deposit welcome bonus and free spins being active on your account.

Again, the exact process varies in casinos. Sometimes, there’s an extra opt in required, but in any case, you should find free spins no deposit bonuses right from your account’s promotions tab.

If you have no deposit spins on your account, open the related slot game and use your bonus spins.

Withdraw the Free Spins Winnings

Last but not least, you can also withdraw your bonus wins if you were lucky enough to trigger some. This is a bit of a catchy part since all free spin games bonus winnings have wagering requirements that must be fulfilled if you’d like to receive the bonus win on your bank account.

Further down in this article, we’ll explain how wagering requirements generally work, but just a heads up: read the casino’s terms and comply with conditions to get the win paid on your account properly.

How to Find the Best No Deposit Casino Site

The biggest part of the no deposit spins puzzle is, of course, the online casino itself. Even though you might be signing up just for the no deposit free spins, you should think about the bigger picture and choose an online casino that may satisfy you in the future too.

Think about it this way: you may enjoy live casino, bingo or slot games so much after using your bonus spins that you may want to deposit some money. If you choose the casino blindly without giving the decision much thought, you may encounter serious issues afterwards.

Even if you’re not depositing any money and only plan to use the free spins no deposit bonus, use the following tips before signing up and make sure the casino ticks every box.

Check for a License

It doesn’t matter what kind of a bonus you’re going after, you should only sign up at a licensed casino. This is the one rule you can’t neglect.

Even if there’s no deposit required and you won’t be risking money, you’re still sharing your personal details with the casino, so it’s of utmost importance to only sign up if you’re 100% sure the casino is trustworthy.

Luckily, there’s a bulletproof way of ensuring the casino is proper. Every online casino should have a valid license granted by the UK Gambling Commission or the Malta Gaming Authority. Both of these licenses are recognized worldwide and known for their strong regulations.

UK players, though, should especially opt for casinos that the UK Gambling Commission licenses.

You can find licensing information from the footer on casino sites.

Check the Games

Free spins grant access to slot games, but that’s not where things end. In fact, you should double-check the whole section of casino games and ensure plenty of options are available.

Imagine you’d want to deposit some actual money: would you have some games to play, then?

Top online casinos may double as live casinos, bingo sites or sports betting sites simultaneously, so you may find all kinds of casino games in addition to slots. Scroll around the casino, check out the live casino lobby game selection and explore slot machines.

You may even want to try some free slot game versions while you’re at it. Slot game demo versions allow playing the game without using any real money, so you could test the slot game safely.

You won’t be winning any real money like this, but it’s a great way to explore the slot or even see how in game free spins and bonus rounds work.

Read the Terms

Whether you’re dealing with a deposit bonus or no deposit free spins, there are always wagering requirements and other conditions involved.

Your free spins no deposit bonus may have a max win limit, you may find the bonus excluded from some games, you may have to deal with wagering free spins up to a certain amount, and, of course, there’s the ‘bonus valid up to X’ condition.

There’s a list of terms you must comply with; failure to do so will almost always result in a bad experience.

Don’t be one of the gamblers who jumps into the fire without thinking first. When there are free spins awarded to you, read the terms. And then read the terms one more time, just to be safe.

Check Other Free Spins Bonus Offers

Free spins no deposit promotions tend to be hallmarks of great online casinos. Stronger and more reputable casinos feel confident enough to offer such deals, whereas newer casinos may not be inclined to just give away a no deposit bonus.

But leaving that aside, a no deposit bonus doesn’t always guarantee that the rest of the bonuses are equally great.

That’s why it’s essential to give a quick look at the casino’s promotions tab and go through all other available bonus offers. Usually, this will give you a good sense of the casino’s general bonus activity.

If there are barely any bonus spins or deposit bonus offers available on top of the no deposit bonus, you can be quite sure that there’s no chance in the future for a bigger bonus activity.

And vice versa, if there’s a huge welcome bonus, several deposit bonus offers, or even multiple free spins bonus offers, you’ll know that this casino will likely grant bonuses regularly.

If you enjoy an occasional slot game, you should sign up at casinos that offer free spins regularly, whether no deposit free spins or normal ones. This way, you’ll never get bored and may enjoy new free spins in the future, too (even if there’s a deposit required).

Test the Mobile Casino

The best no deposit casino site is also normally available via mobile devices, especially since every slot game is mobile-optimized these days. UK players can safely enjoy mobile gambling via Android and iOS devices.

Before grabbing your new casino free spins, take a quick look at the mobile version. Scroll around the site, test a few free games and see whether the casino is up to your taste.

Check the Payment Methods

You might be confused now, since we’re talking about bonus spins without deposit required, how are payment methods relevant?

Well, they are, because you should consider your long term plans and take into account the possibility of gambling for real money in the future. Perhaps you enjoy free spins so much that you’ll want to deposit £10-20 later on? Or perhaps the casino offers great deposit spins that require a moderate minimum deposit?

In any case, you should quickly look at the casino’s payment methods and withdrawal terms. See whether the casino uses payment methods that are comfortable for you, find out the minimum deposit and withdrawal amounts and check how long a withdrawal would take.

These terms are telltale signs of the casino’s quality and your potential future gameplay.

Free Spins Terms and Conditions

All free spins deals have a list of strict terms and conditions that UK players must follow. If you don’t follow these conditions, you may not receive your free games bonus winnings, so the whole experience might be a waste.

To get the most out of your experience, have a fun casino time and receive bonus wins, note the following conditions and follow the casino’s guidelines meticulously.

Wagering Requirements

Wagering requirements are the bane of all UK players who’ve ever grabbed a welcome bonus or a free spin bargain.

A wagering contribution means that if your free spins resulted in a bonus win and you’d like to receive that money physically on your bank account, you must place bets according to the wagering contribution level, so you could “release” the bonus money.

Wagering free spins bonus wins may seem tough, and sometimes, it is – especially if wagering requirements go up to 40-50x. But you can easily fulfil wagering requirements more often than not by simply playing your favourite slot game.

Now, you may be wondering how the wagering contribution actually works. If your no deposit bonus offer free spins came with 20x wagering requirements and your free spin bonus win was £10, you need to bet £200 to hit the max bonus conversion, a.k.a receive the full bonus win.

Since every slot game bet counts, filling wagering requirements come easier than it seems. But of course, this tricky nuance still means that you can’t just take your free spins no deposit bonus and walk away.

You first have to hustle a bit, and only then can you withdraw free spins winnings.

Max Win

The max win requirement is where free spins deals get especially tricky, and that’s the one condition that may make you think twice before accepting a no deposit bonus.

If bonus credit comes with a max win limit, it means that no matter how much you bet or win, you can’t ever withdraw more than assigned with the max win limit.

Some casinos also call this ‘max bonus conversion’, which means that the bonus credit can be ‘converted’ into real money only up to a certain level.

The games bonus win cap may be anywhere from £500 to thousands of pounds, depending on the casino, but if you find your no deposit spins capped, it basically means that you may win a jackpot in your chosen slot game, but you won’t ever receive the jackpot. Instead, you’ll just get the max win of £500.

Having no deposit spins capped is especially harsh and may ruin your experience if you’re lucky enough to trigger big wins.

Some UK players simply don’t go for any free spins offers that come with a max win limit since they don’t want to have that invisible “wall” around them, threatening their fun.

It’s really up to you, but since you’re dealing with a risk-free no deposit bonus, having your free spins winnings capped might not be the end of the world.

Max Bet

Every free spins no deposit bonus out there has a certain max bet limit. In fact, every deposit bonus has it too.

Max bet limit has been set, so the casino wouldn’t lose too much money after granting some free bonus credit to gamblers. After all, a casino is a business that must maintain itself, so the company can’t just offer UK players hundreds of pounds and have people place huge bets that result in 5-figure wins.

If your no deposit spins have a max bet limit, it means you can’t place bets that are higher than the assigned limit. The maximum allowed bets are mostly around £5, which is reasonable enough for most gamblers.

This limit will remain on your account until there’s a bonus valid. Once your free spins expire (or you fulfil wagering requirements), you can place normally sized bets again.

Casino Game Restrictions

Free spins no deposit bonus deals come with one catch: offered free spins can only be used for certain slot games and nothing else.

Mostly, free spins are granted to either one or two specific slots. This is how all free spins work, and that’s why some UK players prefer regular bonus credit offers, which give them more flexibility.

In addition, you may find the free spins bonus excluded from some games completely. You often can’t fulfil wagering requirements on certain slots or live casino play options due to certain agreements between game providers and casinos (or restrictions placed by the game provider).

You may play those games, but your wagering progress will be zero if they don’t count towards wagering requirements.

To avoid this, go through the list of excluded games and ensure the free spins bonus funds count on the games you plan to play.

Time Limits

You’ll find every bonus valid only up to a certain date; the same goes for free spins. You may have your free spins valid on the casino account anywhere between 24 hours to 30 days, though the time period is quite short at most casinos.

It’s not uncommon to have free spins valid just for one day, so you need to hurry and use up the free spins as quickly as possible since otherwise, you won’t have access to them anymore.

There are two important deadlines to consider when it comes to understanding how long free spins valid may be.

First, there’s the activation deadline – the time you have to activate the free spins no deposit bonus.

Second, there’s the time period to fulfil wagering requirements. Usually, this time limit is longer, even up to 30 days. When the first deadline applies to free spins, the second one applies to any free spin wins.

Maximum Bonus Amount

This condition is not so common for no deposit required free spins since you’ll usually get a fixed amount of free spins anyways, but it’s not impossible to encounter such limitations.

In some cases, you’ll get a small number of free spins on your signup, but the maximum number can only be activated after making your first minimum deposit.

For instance, the casino may advertise a bonus of “up to 100 free spins”. If you look at the conditions more closely, you’ll see that you’ll only get ten free spins on your signup, but to get the other 90 free spins, there’s a deposit needed.

You may sometimes have to consider making a deposit to get the most out of your free spins bonus. But of course, it’s not obligatory, and you can still just take those ten free spins and discard the rest.

Account Restrictions

As you might have seen from the above, free spins may have various restrictions. There’s no straightforward answer as to what restrictions you may encounter since every online casino may apply different rules.

However, in most cases, you’ll also notice some terms that are applied to your account. For instance, all UK players who wish to use the site must be of legal age, and there can only be one account per household, a.k.a per one IP address.

This special condition means that, for example, both you and your partner can’t open an account and grab the no deposit free spins. There can only be one account per household.

While it may seem excessive, there’s a good reason for such restriction: this avoids anyone from abusing the casino’s generosity and opening several accounts just to use free spins without making a deposit.

Tips for Using Free Spins No Deposit Offers Cleverly

When dealing with a slot game bonus, discussing any strategies is impossible since slots are based on luck, and you can’t do anything to win more with your bonus spins.

However, that doesn’t mean you should just grab the first offer, spin like a maniac, and that’s that. Quite opposite, by making some clever strategic decisions, you can get the most out of your bonus money and increase the chances of walking away as a winner.

Compare Welcome Bonus Offers

UK players can feel blessed: we have a huge selection of bonus money offers, welcome bonus deals and free spins available. Casinos do their best to craft great offers, especially regarding welcome bonus deals. After all, these bonuses must convince players to sign up.

However, since there are so many choices, you shouldn’t just jump on the first welcome bonus you find. As with any other service, it’s wise to first compare offers. Sometimes, a casino may have a huge no deposit free spins welcome bonus, but wagering requirements may be too tough, even unachievable.

Other times, the welcome bonus may be smaller but without tough wagering requirements (or without any wagering requirements at all).

Use the welcome bonus only if you’re satisfied with the terms. You can easily compare free spins here at Bonusland and pick the most suitable offer – it will only take a minute but may save you from many headaches afterwards.

Don’t Neglect No Deposit Wagering

One of the biggest mistakes UK players can make with free spins is to neglect wagering requirements.

No matter what kind of offer free spins brought you, there are always some wagering requirements, including the above-mentioned max bet limit, games bonus win cap, maximum bonus amount that may be withdrawable, time limits, etc.

Before accepting free spins, go through the terms and accept only bonus funds that you feel confident about. Clever gamblers know that free money comes with conditions, and you can easily make the most out of this bonus credit if you just read the terms.

Make Reasonable Bets

Free spins have their own bet size already assigned, and you can’t change that, but once it’s time to deal with wagering and get the max cash amount from your bonus, it’s time to start placing smart bets.

Even though you may have received free money out of your no deposit free spins, it doesn’t mean you should make insane bets that go up to £50 or £100 per spin. Quite the opposite, you should keep your bets much lower and reasonable, so you could extend your bankroll.

The longer you can keep yourself in the game, the better since you’ll have a better chance of wagering through the free spins.

Of course, nothing is guaranteed with free spins, but it’s always wiser to make 100 bets than ten bets. Your wins may not be as extravagant, but in long term, you’ll at least have a realistic chance at completing wagering requirements.

Experts recommend keeping the bets around 1-2% of your overall bankroll, and the same principle can be applied to free spins too.

Play High RTP Games

Continuing with tips that apply to the bonus wagering, there’s another great trick that may help you fulfil wagering requirements more smoothly.

Try to opt for slots that have a higher return-to-player percentage.

While there are no guarantees, high RTP games tend to pay out better and be less volatile. Since you’re dealing with free spins no deposit, and have limited funds, it’s important to get the most out of your money, and that’s exactly why you shouldn’t waste your time on low RTP slots.

Instead, keep your focus on games that may potentially have better payouts.

And while going down that road, make sure that the received free spins don’t restrict some high RTP slots, otherwise, you’d still end up in a pickle.

Use Several No Deposit Welcome Bonus Offers

If you are gifted a box of chocolates, will you only try one? No, most definitely not.

The same applies to no deposit required free spins. As you can see from the free spins comparison list here at Bonusland, many offers are available. No one says you only have to choose one and be done with it!

If you’d like, you could grab all free spins no deposit bonuses, and that’s completely fine. You can easily sign up at tens of online casinos and use free spins at all of them. That’s one of the best parts of gambling online: you can enjoy a variety of free spins without having to do much.

A word of caution though: don’t go that crazy with regular deposit match bonus offers.

Sure, there are even more deposit casino offers available, but if you have to use your own funds, you simply can’t realistically keep up with all the bonuses, unless you have unlimited funds.

And quite frankly, most of us have a very limited gambling budget, so using tens of different free spins and deposit promotions and going for the maximum bonus is simply not viable.

But when dealing with free spins no deposit promotions, feel free to go wild and use as many as you want!

Play Responsibly

The main goal of a free spins no deposit bonus is to entice you into finally making that minimum deposit and becoming a paying customer. Don’t underestimate the temptation even if you don’t intend to become part of the casino’s paying member.

Some gamblers may find it hard to resist the urge to add some real funds to their account, just so they could go and hunt for losses they received when using their no deposit spins.

For example, you may have used free spins and hit a big win: £1000. You got carried away, continued placing bets, and lost all of that. But after tasting that big win, you may find yourself reaching for the credit card, so you could potentially hit that win again.

Free spins no deposit bonus promotions are lucrative, but never forget that you’re dealing with gambling. Even if there’s no deposit needed, it doesn’t mean there won’t be an urge to deposit money.

Play responsibly, keep your bets reasonable and never try to cover losses. That’s how you can enjoy gambling safely and have fun with your free spins.