Best Slot Sites

If you’re looking for a gambling experience that would bring you the best possible thrill and adrenaline rush, online slots are the way to go. No other casino game comes with such enjoyable action, variety and in-game bonuses. Get started today by finding the best slot sites right from this page, or keep reading to learn how online slots sites work in the UK.

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  3. Find out the best online slots to play in UK casinos


Playing slots online is an experience like no other. The gameplay variety, in-game free spins and bonus rounds and the huge winning potential – online slots bring the best of gambling right to your door, thanks to convenient online slot sites.

If you’d like to enjoy your favourite slot games, get free spins and deposit bonus money, get started by checking out the casino comparison here at Bonusland, where we list the top online casinos in the UK.

Frequently Asked Questions about UK Slots Sites

What are the best online slot sites?

The best online slots site is the one that packs the greatest selection of online slots. This means the casino’s game selection should include at least over 1000 slots, including jackpot slots, classic slots and others. Top online casinos should also offer free spins, deposit bonus campaigns or other regular offers to advance your gameplay further. You can find all available UK casinos right here from Bonusland.

What is the best UK slot site?

The best UK slot sites are all featured in our casino comparison – you can just scroll through the listing to find the top UK slot sites. Note that the best sites should pack an excellent game selection and preferably also have various bonus offers (for example, free spins). The overall best slot site depends on your taste, though, but you can find many different casinos right from Bonusland.

Can you play slots online in the UK?

Yes, absolutely, you can play slots online in the UK by simply signing up at any preferred slot sites. There are tens of reliable online slot sites available for UK players, each offering hundreds or even thousands of slots. You just need to pick any available UK slot sites, sign up, use any offered bonuses, and you can enjoy all the slots.

How can I win with online slots in the UK?

All online slots in the UK are properly licensed and use a Random Number Generator technology which ensures that all spin outcomes are totally random. This means that you can’t sway luck in your favour in any way – you just have to hope for the best. Whether you win with online slots depends completely on luck.

Are online slot sites trustworthy?

Online slot sites are completely trustworthy if you play on slot sites that have been properly licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. Please gamble responsibly and only opt for a slot site that has been licensed by reputable authorities because this way, your safety is guaranteed. Licensed sites, however, are always trustworthy, since these sites are being controlled by reputable authorities.

Which slot sites offer welcome bonuses?

You can find slot sites that offer a welcome bonus to new gamblers by checking out the comparison here on Bonusland. We’ve listed all licensed and proper online slot sites that also pack a lucrative welcome bonus. Take your pick from the listed bonuses and get started with slot games.

Where can I find free spins for online slots?

You can find free spins or bonus spins for online slots by checking out the listed online casinos here on Bonusland. We’ve put together an in-depth list of free spins or bonus spins that are available at the best slot sites, so your only task is to choose one casino and sign up. Online slots may also have in-game free spins that even more fun to your gambling journey.

Can I play slots on mobile?

All modern slot games are available as mobile slots, too, regardless of which device you use. As long as you have a stable internet connection and you normally use your phone for videos or games, using online slots on your mobile should be a breeze. Mobile slots work via browser – there’s no need to download an app to access mobile slots.

Can I play online slots for free at casino sites in the UK?

Yes, you can play online slots for free at UK casino sites by using the free demo version available for every slot game. Sometimes, you have to register for a free online casino account to access these demos, but despite that, you can still gamble for free without making any deposit.

Which online slots sites have high payouts?

You can find online slots with high payouts by checking out the game’s RTP. The highest payout slots are the ones with a higher RTP. High RTP means a lower house edge. Some slots have an incredibly high RTP: over 98%. Those are the ones you should be aiming for when looking specifically for high payout online slots.

How to win with jackpot slots?

In most jackpot slots, you can win by hitting a jackpot wheel or activating a specific bonus round. The exact jackpot rules vary depending on the slot game. Keep in mind that jackpot slots may be highly volatile, and winning a jackpot is still quite hard, though it’s not impossible. Just don’t chase for the jackpot alone.

How to Find the Best Slot Sites

You can play online slot games once you’ve signed up at a legitimate slot site. While in theory, this sounds quite easy, in practice, you may discover that finding the best slots sites UK may be a tougher feat than imagined.

The main difficulty lies simply in the vast selection. As a new gambler, it may be hard to filter out suitable casinos among others, so if you don’t know how to pick out online casinos, you may end up exploring tens of slot sites before ending up at the right place.

Bonusland helps you out and lets you save your precious time. We’ve done the heavy lifting for you by listing all licensed, reputable slot sites right here in our comparison list.

If you’d still like to learn how to pick out a proper slots site, follow the below pointers to compare casinos thoroughly.

Check for a license

Every slot site in the UK should carry a valid gambling license, granted to the company by either the UK Gambling Commission or the Malta Gaming Authority. For UK players, the license granted by the UK Gambling Commission matters a bit more, though, but the MGA license is equally valid and can be trusted.

Bonusland features only licensed online casinos, whether these casinos carry an UKGC license or any other gambling licenses. Please gamble responsibly and don’t ever play on unlicensed slots sites – this is for your own protection. No matter how lucrative the casino’s welcome bonus package or free spins may be, unlicensed casinos may bring an array of troubles.

In addition to a gambling license, the best online slots sites have been validated by other third-party organizations (like eCOGRA) and often carry some other certifications. The top online casinos may even have won awards or other prestigious recognitions.

Read bonus terms

When you compare and explore casinos here on Bonusland, you’ll find some bonus terms next to every free spins offer or a deposit bonus.

There’s a good reason for it: every welcome bonus and any other bonus campaign has certain terms and conditions that detail your entire gameplay. Without understanding and knowing these conditions, you’re likely to end up in trouble.

Bonus terms may include many restrictions, starting with game availability restrictions, max bet rules, minimum deposit requirements or wagering conditions. You’ll have bonus funds subject to wagering requirements every time and you’ll have even free spins credited as bonus cash, so you can’t just take the spins and go.

Play responsibly and read the bonus terms before agreeing to the promotion. This is an essential step if you’d like to have an enjoyable experience.

Compare casino games

The range of slot games available in casinos varies massively, depending on the casino. While most UK casinos offer a rather similar selection, you may not always have the same slots on every site. For instance, some casinos may focus more on mobile slots, while others have an extensive portfolio of jackpot slots.

For an even better gameplay, we suggest picking a casino that packs more than just slot games. Most casino sites also offer live casino tables, bingo, poker or even sports betting. Depending on your taste, all of these may be important, so we suggest picking a casino that has more than slots.

You can find the best slot site for your taste by taking a quick glance at the game selection and verifying the options. Just a quick scroll through the casino games will usually give you all the information you need.

Check the payout terms

Naturally, one of the most important parts of an online casino is the payment system. On top of the available payment methods, all casinos have different withdrawal terms. These become incredibly important once you’re trying to withdraw your winnings.

All casinos have certain limits on the minimum and maximum allowed payouts, together with their withdrawal processing speed and any applicable fees. Ideally, you should pick a slot site that comes without any withdrawal fees, processes payouts on the same day and allows rather flexible payouts.

The best slot casinos in the UK offer all of the above and even more. Usually, you can easily withdraw up to a few thousand pounds per day and depending on payment methods, it’s possible to receive your winnings the same day.

If you’re in a special hurry, opt for Pay N Play casinos or quick payout casinos that have built their entire payment system on speed and convenience.

Try the mobile version

Mobile slots are so prominent these days that most UK gamblers now use only their phones for slot games. Thanks to well-designed mobile casinos, you can enjoy mobile slots on the go without restricting yourself to a laptop.

Fortunately, UK online casinos are quite advanced in their technology, and almost all sites are perfectly mobile-compatible. Though some offer a special mobile app, you can usually play mobile slots via the browser, so there’s no need to clutter your mobile with additional apps.

While all casinos have become mobile-optimized, it doesn’t exactly guarantee a smooth user experience. We suggest trying the casino’s mobile version to get a first-hand experience. You’ll instantly understand which casino tickles you right away by doing this quick check-up.

Contact the customer support

If you’d really like to be thorough, play responsibly and make sure you end up on the best possible slot site, you should take an extra moment to contact customer support.

Even if you don’t have any particular questions per se, you can contact the support just to check how they respond. Are they professional, friendly, helpful? This quick check-up answers many of your problems – if the customer support is skilful, you’ll know that no matter what, you’ll always have professional help available.

Different Types of Online Slot Sites

As a UK player, you’re actually blessed – there’s a huge selection of slots sites out there, each bringing something new to the table. In addition to a great selection of casino games, different online casinos may offer various bonuses, various features, better payment methods or other perks.

Below, we’re highlighting some of the most common types of online casino sites in the UK so you’d understand better how to choose the one for your gambling taste.

Mobile slots site

According to the latest statistics, there are over 3 billion mobile gamers out there, and almost 19% of gamers play casino games. In fact, mobile slots and other mobile gambling types are the second most popular game type that’s used on mobile.

Mobile slots sites are, therefore, a growing trend that brings slot games to you without needing a computer. You can just open your mobile browser and enjoy mobile slots anytime, anywhere. Mobile slots work thanks to HTML5 technology – Flash is no longer required. Thanks to this invention, you can enjoy mobile slots on any device.

Though almost all casinos these days have adapted mobile slots and all casino game providers have created mobile slots, not all casinos could be categorized under this label. Some casinos have done a worse job than others, and some truly stand out for their mobile slots compatibility and user-friendliness.

If you’d like to play mobile slots, make sure you sign up at any of the listed top casinos – these casinos all offer mobile slots, a.k.a slots that are optimized for mobile browsers.

High payout slots site

At the end of the day, we all want to get the most out of our money, even when gambling. Granted, slots are always based on luck, and there’s not much you can do to win more or win big, but some online slot sites come with better payouts than others.

First, some top online casinos have struck better deals with game providers and have higher RTP rates on some slot games. This automatically means that when you’re playing slots in these casinos, you have a better chance to win compared to casinos with lower RTP.

Another part of higher payouts involves the actual withdrawal process. If you’re looking for a high payout casino site in terms of withdrawals, you should look for more reputable casinos that allow bigger payouts (and faster payouts). Many UK online casinos are completely fine with paying out thousands of pounds in one go, whereas some others may only allow small withdrawals.

Whether you’re looking for slot games with high return to players or casinos with high payout rates, you can find high-quality online casinos by checking out the comparisons we’ve put together here on Bonusland.

Free play slots site

It may sound almost bonkers, but you can actually play slot games for free without even placing a minimum deposit. Almost every slot game out there has a free demo version that allows spinning the reels and testing all the bonus games with “virtual money”, thus not having to deposit anything yourself.

Free play slot games mean that any winnings will also be virtual, so you can’t actually receive any winnings in real money. However, free play online slots show you all the game mechanics in a safe risk-free environment. This is the best way to understand how the slot game works – you don’t have to spend your money aimlessly.

Instead, you can test the game, see the mechanics and then decide whether you’d like to place some real money bets, too.

Pay N Play slot sites

Pay N Play slot sites have popped up quite recently, but have started gaining massive following within the past couple of years. The reason for this boost is easy to see: Pay N Play online casinos allow the fastest possible gambling experience.

Pay N Play casinos rely on the phenomenal Trustly system that connects you straight to the bank for the first deposit. There’s no need to sign up extra or fill out any registration forms since this bank connection acts like registration. In the future, you can continue your gambling session by just validating your identity again via the bank connection.

This simplicity allows ultra-fast deposits and withdrawals, not to even mention the ease of gambling you can enjoy when there’s no need for extra registration.

Apart from the payment methods, Pay N Play casinos are the same as any other online casino. You’ll find all the same slot games, free spins and welcome bonus offers and any other features.

Pay by mobile slots site

Those looking for a mobile gambling experience from start to finish may enjoy pay by mobile slots sites. These slot casinos use, among other payment methods, an innovative pay by mobile option.

This means you can deposit money to your casino account via your phone number, and the deposited sum gets added to your monthly phone bill. Most commonly, online casinos use the Zimpler service, which makes mobile payments easy.

Pay by mobile slot sites are perfect for casual players who don’t tend to deposit much money. If you aren’t keen on opening any new electronic wallet accounts and don’t want the casino deposit to be displayed on the bank statement, phone bill casinos are a good choice.

On the other hand, pay by mobile slot sites aren’t good for high rollers or players who aim to deposit much bigger amounts. Usually, phone bill casinos support other payment methods for withdrawals, so in the end, you may have to cash out winnings to your bank account nonetheless.

Progressive jackpot slots site

Are you dreaming of winning a life-altering jackpot? In that case, you should look for slot sites with progressive jackpot games.

These online casinos feature a bigger and better selection of jackpot slots – sometimes, you may find over 50 progressive jackpot games from all the top companies, especially Microgaming and NetEnt, who are known for their massive progressive jackpots.

Progressive jackpots increase according to player activity. The more players bet, the faster and bigger progressive jackpots grow. That’s why some jackpot slots may increase over 10 million pounds!

What’s more, jackpot slots may be network-wide or casino-wide. Network-wide jackpot slots have a jackpot that grows whenever players across the whole world place bets, so these jackpots tend to be huge. Casino-wide jackpot slots only consider bets made in that specific casino, so jackpots are smaller (but winning chances are greater since there are fewer players participating).

No deposit slots site

Getting a no deposit bonus is like a dream come true – you can try slot games without risking your own funds. Just register for a casino account, and you’ll get a small no deposit bonus as a reward.

For understandable reasons, a no deposit bonus isn’t as common as a regular deposit bonus though, but some slot sites may occasionally offer a no deposit welcome bonus just for new gamblers.

These slot sites can be enjoyed without making any deposits right away, and if you’d like, you could easily just take the no deposit bonus, use it and never return to the casino (though sites hope you’ll become a regular player).

Though most online casinos displayed in our comparisons offer a regular welcome bonus in the form of free spins or a deposit bonus, there’s also a chance to find a great no deposit bonus as a completely new player, so keep an eye on the comparisons seen here on Bonusland.

Sites with online slot tournaments

In addition to regular free spins for your favourite slot games you can even earn extra bonus funds by participating in slot tournaments. The best slot sites organize regular slot tournaments where you can win extra bonuses, some more cash funds or other rewards.

Slot tournament is a great chance for competitive players to reap more rewards, plus the whole atmosphere becomes more social. Online slot tournaments are not always available on all casino sites, so if this is something that matters a lot to you, it pays off to choose a casino that specifically caters to tournament players.

Payment Methods on Slot Sites

You can get the best out of slot games once you make your first deposit. This becomes especially important to gamblers who’d like to redeem bonus spins or a deposit bonus, too.

While most online casinos offer the main payment methods used across the UK, some payment methods are more common than others. Here are some of the payment methods you may encounter at all the best slot sites.

Debit cards

The most popular and common option among payment methods on UK slots sites is definitely a good old card payment. Almost all slot sites accept common UK debit cards. Just note that credit card payments are no longer accepted on UK gambling sites, but you can still use a regular debit card.

Online casino payments via debit cards work exactly the same as paying for goods at online stores. If you’ve ever ordered anything online, gambling with online slots is a complete breeze.

Bank transfers

Bank transfers, a.k.a online banking is another common option available among payment methods on almost every slot site. Some online casino sites have started using Trustly service for easier and quicker bank transfers, some sites still use regular online banking interface.

In both cases, bank transfers are largely the most convenient options among payment methods. We all use bank transfers on a daily basis, so you don’t need to open any additional accounts to enjoy slot games. Just use your regular bank account, and you’ll be good to go.

Another perk of bank transfers lies in withdrawal limits. Casinos may have stricter limits for other payment methods, but bank transfers usually allow even big withdrawals.

Electronic wallets

Electronic wallets like Skrill, Neteller or ecoPayz are the reigning kings among online casino payment methods. Almost every casino out there uses different e-wallets to facilitate fast payments.

While bank transfers are quite slow, electronic wallet payments tend to be instantaneous. Even e-wallet withdrawals are fast, usually taking up to 12 hours. This makes electronic wallets the fastest option among payment methods.

On the downside, there’s a very likely chance that you can’t redeem free spins or a deposit bonus when using some electronic wallets. Skrill is especially known for not allowing users to redeem deposit bonus offers. Other than that, e-wallets are definitely convenient.


We’ve all heard about cryptocurrencies, and many have already become avid fans. Cryptocurrency is obviously not just a passing trend – it’s here to stay, and slot sites only prove this statement. Many high-end casinos now accept crypto payments, especially BTC or ETH.

Typical cryptocurrency casinos exchange crypto money into FIAT currency after the deposit. Later, the funds can be withdrawn back to your crypto wallet after making a currency conversion from the FIAT currency. There aren’t many “pure form” crypto casinos out there yet, but we can only imagine more crypto casinos popping up soon.

Types of Online Slot Games

If you thought the selection of different types of online casino platforms is huge, just wait until you actually open the slot game page. Most slot casinos offer thousands of slot games, and each slot game packs different features. However, all the main slot games can be categorized into the following main types.

Classic slots

Classic slots are the most traditional slot games you could find on online gambling sites. These slot games usually feature “old-school” symbols like fruits, berries, diamonds and such, reminding you of the good old one-armed bandits you found from physical casinos back in the day.

The classic slots found on online slot sites are a bit more modern than you may imagine, but whenever you open a section that focuses on classic slots, you’ll find 3-reel slots with fruit symbols on the reels.

Classic slot games don’t usually pack many bonus rounds. Usually, they don’t even include any free spins or other bonus features. The main gameplay simply focuses on the base game and its mechanics.

For some players, classic slots are too simplistic and boring, but others find these enjoyable exactly for simplicity. Often, classic slot games can be a little too volatile and risky, and since there are no bonus games to cover potential losses, classic games may bring higher losses.

Video slots

Video slots are largely considered to be the best online slots for their extensive mechanics, various bonus rounds and games and great graphics. As the name suggests, a video slot game may resemble an actual video game for its graphics. There are still reels and a screen filled with a symbol grid, but sometimes, video slots include animated characters and effects, and elaborate bonus games.

As a general standard, video slots always have a free spins round, Wild symbols and some other bonus features. When it comes to general gameplay, video slots are the richest in bonuses, but these days, almost every slot game out there is a video slot.

Video slots are so versatile that some casinos may categorize these into tens of different categories depending on their features. For example, you may find video slot games categorized in the following ways:

  • Slots with free spins
  • Expanding Wilds or Sticky Wilds
  • Win often or win more (slots categorized depending on their volatility)
  • Win both ways (pay lines paying out in both directions)
  • Slots with bonus games
  • Slots with joker symbols
  • Slots categorized based on the theme (Asian-themed slots, animal-themed slots, Hollywood-themed slots, etc)

The versatility and inventiveness of online slots never seize to amaze players. All UK casinos with slot games offer hundreds or thousands of video slots, catering to all kinds of different players.

Branded slots

Branded online slots are special slot games that are created after a certain TV show, movie, book or popular band (or any other “brand”). These slot games are only possible after the software provider has struck a deal with the brand’s owner and has received the licensing right to produce a slot machine crafted under the brand’s name.

Playtech, NetEnt and Microgaming are especially known for their branded slots. Playtech previously had a deal with Marvel and produced several Marvel-themed slot games. Other game providers have created slots after popular TV shows or bands. For example, there’s a Game of Thrones slot, Gordon Ramsay slot and even a Guns N Roses slot game.

Branded slots are one of the most fun options available at slot sites and work especially great for players who enjoy certain TV shows or bands. These online slots always have higher entertainment value – the graphics, audio and features are all a bit better than in your average slot games.

On the other hand, branded slots aren’t exactly known for huge RTP-s. Granted, these online slots have free spins or other features, but when it comes to the actual payout ratio, these slots may not be the richest.

Jackpot slots

Jackpot slots are by far the most entertaining and adrenaline-packed online slots out there. If you’ve ever dreamt of hitting a huge win, then jackpot slots are the ones to hunt for.

Jackpot slots are special online slots with a jackpot bonus feature. In other words, there’s a chance to trigger a special feature that unlocks an instant jackpot or a jackpot game. If you should win in the jackpot game, the result is a jackpot win.

There are many different jackpot slots out there, all with bit different features. Most regular jackpot slots have a jackpot wheel with different jackpot sums on the wheel’s sectors. After spinning the wheel, you’ll land on one of the sectors, and that determines the size of the jackpot.

Usually, jackpot slots may include 3-4 differently sized jackpots, e.g. a Mini, Major and Mega jackpot. Some simple jackpot slots may, however, use different systems and just trigger the jackpot win after landing five similar symbols on the reels.

Jackpot slots even come with different jackpot payment pools. Casinos may have their own casino-wide jackpot that’s meant just for the casino’s own players. Others may feature big network-wide jackpot slots where the jackpot pool is shared with players all over the world.

The best slot sites have at least 10-20 jackpot slots, but preferably even more than that. There’s even a chance to get some free spins or use a deposit bonus to spin jackpot slots, though sometimes, these games may be excluded from wagering your bonus cash funds.

Megaways slots

If you thought jackpot slots are filled with thrill, you haven’t seen anything yet. One of the coolest new inventions in the slot game world involves Megaways slots.

Megaways slots were invented by Big Time Gaming, who made a revolutionary move by licensing out their game mechanics. Thanks to this decision, Megaways slots have now become the hottest new trend, and almost all top casinos and software providers have come out with their own Megaways slots.

These online slots may have pay lines that expand randomly at any given spin. While traditional online slots may have just 20-25 pay lines, a Megaways slot game may have over 10 000 or even 100 000 pay lines.

Randomly expanding pay lines make Megaways slot machines incredibly action-packed and sometimes even richer in winnings than you could hope for from jackpot slots.

Bonus Buy slots

Free spins and other bonus rounds are the biggest attraction in every slot game, but sometimes, it’s not easy to trigger these features. It may even take tens of spins before you end up actually getting some free spins or Wild features.

Bonus Buy slots combat this issue by making it possible to buy quick access straight to the bonus game. In these slot games, you can bet some extra coins to unlock the bonus round straight away.

Playing Bonus Buy slots means higher bets and, thus, a chance to play through your funds quicker, so we urge you to play responsibly. However, many gamblers hope that bonus rounds and free spins may give them bigger winnings, so the extra “investment” may pay off.

Best Slot Games in UK Slot Sites

Are you new to video slots and don’t really know which online slot games are worth your time? Considering the massive number of online slots available at all the top slots sites, it’s easy to see how the selection may make your head spin. Here are the top 10 most beloved slot games that tend to dominate the popularity ranks at all top online casino sites.


Starburst is one of the most surprising online slots out there. Crafted by NetEnt over a decade ago, this simple gemstone-themed slot machine is still one of the most popular online slots, despite being so minimalistic or even boring.

Starburst’s attraction lies in its ability to pay out in both ways, together with its respins and expanding Wild feature. Though a rather volatile slot, lucky gamblers have managed to win big in this game. The most satisfying moment is the one where you manage to fill the whole screen with a Starburst Wild symbol!

The game’s RTP is just 96.01%, placing it among average slots, but its low volatility and simple gameplay make it a classic to enjoy at all the best slot sites.

Book of Dead

A slot game list wouldn’t be complete without Book of Dead. This Play’N Go’s online slot comes with an average RTP of 96.21%, so it’s not the most “profitable” slot game out there, but the slot has become one of the most preferred games among UK players for the slot’s amazing bonus features.

The main bonus in this slot machine is the free spins round that may grant you 10 free spins after getting a few Scatters on the reels. Combined with Wild symbols, this feature may bring epic wins.

Book of Dead actually resembles Novomatic’s classic Egyptian-themed slot machine, but Book of Dead has become far more popular among casinos, likely due to its modern take. Whatever the case, Book of Dead remains one of the most beloved slots out there.

Gonzo’s Quest

If you’re looking for a slot machine with fun graphics, entertaining gameplay, different reel mechanics and epic free spins, NetEnt’s Gonzo’s Quest is the game for you. Gonzo’s Quest is the most infamous and beloved slot game in the entire world. It’s so beloved that NetEnt has even created a live version and a VR version, making Gonzo’s Quest the first such slot machine in the entire world.

Gonzo’s Quest is also different for its reel mechanics. In this slot, reels don’t spin. Instead, the game uses NetEnt’s cascading system – symbols just fall into place after a winning combination has been struck (and those symbols have been removed from the reels).

The slot machine features one of the coolest free spins round out there. Gonzo’s Quest free spins have high multipliers that increase with every win. Thanks to this feature, you may walk away with huge winnings. That’s exactly what has made Gonzo’s Quest so popular.


Bonanza is the first ever Megaways slot, created by Big Time Gaming. In some sense, you could say it’s the game that started the whole Megaways craze. Bonanza is one of the most complicated slot machines, at least at the first glance. Thanks to its Megaways mechanics, the reels may expand at any time, creating better pay lines and more combinations.

In addition to beautiful graphics and captivating gameplay, the Bonanza slot comes with a 96% RTP, placing it among average slots. Despite the lower RTP, the game makes up for this lack with its innovative feature and potentially great winnings.

Mega Joker

Mega Joker is such a fascinating and surprising slot that many gamblers are completely baffled after playing it. NetEnt’s old-school slot machine looks like no other slot game: it literally resembles a physical slot machine. The whole graphical solution is so “old” that you may wonder why this game has remained so popular.

The answer to that question is obvious, though: Mega Joker has one of the highest RTP-s in the entire industry: 99%. This high RTP means there’s a good chance to walk away with grand winnings, if you should be lucky enough, of course.

Mega Joker is a truly adrenaline-packed slot machine, though, because it’s not that easy to enjoy the mentioned 99% RTP. The catch lies in the slot’s “gamble feature”, which results in the slot’s RTP staying between 85.28-99%. In other words, there’s a chance you may end up losing way more money than in your average slot just because of the gamble mechanics.

Those looking for innovative gameplay and fun time may find Mega Joker still one of the best options, and in the best-case scenario, you may hit big winnings.

Mega Moolah

We mentioned jackpot slots above, and Mega Moolah is the best example of that. Mega Moolah jackpot slots, created by Microgaming, are not just revolutionary – these are the jackpot slots that have mainly made people try online slots in the first place.

Mega Moolah slots are bigger than words could describe since these games include jackpots that may go over 10 million pounds. Some of the world’s biggest online slot winnings have come from Mega Moolah slots that tend to pay out huge jackpots almost every other month.

Not only are Mega Moolah slots packed with action due to the jackpot feature, Microgaming has recently expanded the slot network by revamping several classic video slots with a Mega Moolah jackpot feature. Now you can find several different Mega Moolah versions from all the top casinos, each game bringing a new kind of bonus thrill to gamblers.

Atlantean Treasures Mega Moolah, Thunderstruck II Mega Moolah, Mega Moolah The Witch’s Moon and Juicy Joker Mega Moolah are just some examples of these jackpot slots.

Immortal Romance

The Immortal Romance slot machine is perfect for gamblers who enjoy horror topics or romance, as the slot focuses on a love story between vampires and humans. It’s not exactly a topic you’ll encounter every day at online casino platforms!

The game comes with an RTP of 96.68% and 243 pay lines, making the slot rather rich in winnings. The best part of Immortal Romance is the innovative free spins feature called Chamber of Spins. Uniquely, the Chamber of Spins feature has four different bonus features, anything from bigger multipliers to additional free spins.

It’s not exactly the most intriguing online slot out there, but the innovative theme combined with free spins add to the overall excitement, making Immortal Romance a truly everlasting love among casino gamblers.

Age of the Gods

Playtech’s Greek-themed slot machine Age of the Gods is the slot provider’s most revolutionary game that keeps conquering the top slot ranks. The main feature captivating players is the jackpot feature that may bring huge winnings.

The base game has just 20 pay lines, but the Wild features and a jackpot bonus round make this slot machine a real treat. Age of the Gods jackpot is a progressive jackpot that combines all different Age of the Gods games together, making the jackpot sum huge. In many ways, Age of the Gods resembles Mega Moolah’s system – you can play different slots that all share the same jackpot pool.


Play’n GO knows how to create entertaining slots. This fun slot machine fits right into modern society with its fun futuristic topic. In addition to the alien-themed graphical nuances, Reactoonz packs so many bonus games your head starts spinning!

Reactoonz packs a high volatility, many bonus games and an average RTP of 95.7%, so it’s not the best slot game for gamblers with smaller budgets. The slot needs some patience before you may hit any winnings, but if your budget is more flexible, it’s a slot machine that may have good payouts if you’ve been patient enough to trigger bonus rounds.

Similar to Gonzo’s Quest, Reactoonz uses a cascading mechanics, but the game packs so many bonus games it’s tough to grasp everything at once. There are Wilds, randomly exchanged symbols, Gargantoon feature (a giant Wild feature) and many other perks. Reactoonz is quite literally one of the richest games when it comes to bonus rounds.

Big Bass Bonanza

Pragmatic Play’s Big Bass Bonanza is a typical video slot with 10 pay lines and an average RTP of 96.71%. Even the reel setup is quite basic with symbols spinning on a 3×5 setting.

As a classic video slot, Big Bass Bonanza features both Wild symbols and free spins. The free spins feature is the most lucrative one, potentially packing 20 free spins. There’s also a “Money” symbol feature that adds some more multipliers and perks to your free spins round.

This fishing-themed slot is a true classic that seems too simple to be so popular, but the slot machine has truly remained at the hearts of gamblers, entertaining players even today.

Best Online Slots Casino Software Providers

Slot games can only be as good as the software provider who made the game. There are tens, even hundreds, of software providers out there, and many top online casino sites organize games from many of those providers. Plus, as the world of slot games expands, more and more software providers are popping out.

Despite the number of new slot providers, a few companies still stand out as the best of the best. These software providers are known for their excellent graphics, better bonus features (like free spins or jackpot rounds) or better functionality in other ways. Below, you can find the top six such software providers.


It’s almost unimaginable to have a slot site without Microgaming slots. Microgaming is one of the oldest video slot providers, responsible for some of the world’s most entertaining, captivating and rich online slot machines. Microgaming is an enormous company these days and many smaller providers collaborate with Microgaming to produce even cooler slots.

The company is especially known for progressive jackpot slots like the Mega Moolah and WowPot series that have now completely taken over online casino platforms. If anyone has ever wanted to play jackpot slots, Microgaming’s portfolio is the one to opt for. Some of the world’s biggest slot wins have all come from Microgaming.

Microgaming’s massive game portfolio includes many fun slot games, including legendary slots like Thunderstruck II, Jurassic Park, Game of Thrones, Break da Bank Again, and many others.


Many gamblers have started their online slot journey with NetEnt slots, since almost every slot site out there collaborates with NetEnt. The company was founded already in 1996 and now belongs to the Evolution Gaming Group.

NetEnt has arguably some of the coolest slots when it comes to bonus games and graphics. Similar to Microgaming, NetEnt has huge progressive jackpot slots like Mega Fortune, Hall of Gods and Arabian Nights that have consistently produced some of the highest slot wins. In fact, when it comes to jackpot wins, NetEnt and Microgaming slots tend to compete neck to neck.

In addition to jackpot slots, NetEnt has great functionalities and almost all slots come packed with various bonus games, especially free spins. Some infamous NetEnt slots include Starburst, Gonzo’s Quest, Twin Spin, Dead or Alive and Koi Princess.

Play’n Go

We’ve already mentioned Play’n GO in this article and for a very good reason. Play’n GO started operating independently ever since 2005 and now, it’s one of the most prominent casino software providers in the UK.

Play’n GO’s portfolio is so versatile, bonus-rich and fascinating that it’s hard to even pinpoint which game may be the best. Thanks to great graphics and entertaining in-game features, Play’n GO’s slots have quickly become the preferred ones among players.

Some of the coolest and most popular Play’n GO slots include Big Win Cat, Book of Dead, Cat Wilde slots, Fire Joker, Gemix and others.

Pragmatic Play

Pragmatic Play is a true heavy-lifter in the gambling industry, though some players may not have heard of their slots that often. Today, Pragmatic Play online slots are prominently found on almost every high-end UK online casino.

What makes Pragmatic Play especially unique is the company’s game range. Pragmatic Play isn’t focused just on online slots – they also create bingo rooms, virtual sports and high-end live casino games.

Another innovative feature found on the best slot sites involves Pragmatic Play’s unique Drops & Wins mechanic that has now taken over casinos. By just participating on tournaments or playing certain slot games, you can enjoy daily and weekly cash drops! This is a truly unique feature that is currently provided only by Pragmatic Play.

Some of the coolest online slots in Pragmatic Play’s portfolio include Fire Hot slots, Big Bass slots, The Dog House, Great Rhino and others.


Yggdrasil Gaming also isn’t the oldest provider out there, but thanks to amazing graphics and fun gameplay, Yggdrasil has now become incredibly popular. As one of the few software providers, Yggdrasil offers casinos amazing additional features that help to promote games better. That’s why you may find more bonus offers or free spins for Yggdrasil slots.

Yggdrasil is also known for organizing huge network-wide tournaments, campaigns and competitions that add a huge amount of entertainment to your entire gameplay.

When it comes to Yggdrasil slots, not many providers can compete with the level of graphics provided by Yggdrasil. The company is especially known for its “Vikings” slot series that has lured all mythology fans for years already.

Other popular Yggdrasil slots include Nirvana, Valley of the Gods, Seasons and Jungle Books.


Playtech should be close to UK player’s heart since the company operates strong in the UK. Among all the game providers in this list, Playtech has the biggest range.

The company creates not just slots or table games – Playtech is known for amazing sports betting functionalities and high-end professional poker. In fact, Playtech’s poker is often regarded as the best in the industry. Similarly, Playtech’s live casino is truly mesmerizing, providing high-quality live studio action.

Playtech has been especially known for branded slots, which have now been removed, but among other slots, Playtech is known for jackpot slots like the Age of the Gods and Jackpot Giant.

In 2016, Playtech acquired Quickspin, another great slot provider, so now Playtech expands even further into the slot territory, providing UK players with stellar online slots.

Casino Bonuses on Slot Sites

Now we’ve come to the absolute most exciting part of slot sites: online casino bonuses. All the best slot sites attract players with great bonus perks, starting with hundreds of free spins and ending with welcome bonus packages or regular deposit bonus offers.

Casino bonuses act like small gifts or perks you can enjoy if you want additional funds. Though bonus funds contribute towards bonus balance, not real money, and come with some rather strict requirements, a nice package of 50 bonus spins or 100 free spins may give you good leverage on some of the top slot games.

Bonusland has put together a huge list of the best slot site bonuses redeemable by UK players. Hop to the comparison list on our page to redeem free spins or your favourite deposit bonus.

Free spins

Free spins are specifically designed for slot games, so you can find hundreds of free spins from all the top slots sites in the UK. Note that free spins are also often available inside the slot game as one of the bonus features – many modern video slots have in-game free spins. These bonus games are so common and popular that most players actively avoid games that don’t have any free spins inside game features.

The most lucrative form of free spins comes from the online casino, though. All the best online slots sites offer regular free spins, both to new and existing players. These free spins can often be redeemed for a certain minimum deposit: for example, you may have to place a minimum deposit of £20 to receive 50 bonus spins or 100 free spins.

Many best slots casino sites may also grant no-deposit free spins to first-time gamblers who open their account. In that case, you don’t have to make any minimum deposit, not even a min deposit 10 pounds. You just have to register for a casino account, and the free spins will be activated immediately.

Free spins may seem too good to be true, but these offers act like discounts at regular stores – there’s nothing to be afraid of. Usually, free spins also come with certain game restrictions, and all bonus spins winnings credited to the account must be wagered through, making it a bit tougher to receive the bonus money.

Bonus spins

Bonus spins are actually nothing more than regular free spins, just with a different name. In some instances, however, bonus spins may act a little different.

While traditional free spins are redeemable right away, bonus spins may be redeemed after you already placed some bets in the chosen slot game. It’s important to understand this difference: in one case, you’ll get the free spins first, in the other case, you’ll get the bonus spins later, after playing slots online.

In both cases, you’ll have winnings from the bonus spins credited as bonus money, which is kept separate to cash funds. You’ll have all of these funds subject to wagering – once you’ve fulfilled the wagering requirements, the bonus funds count towards actual cash funds again.

Bonus spins may also act like traditional free spins, though, since everything depends on the chosen slots site. Some sites have decided to name their free spins as bonus spins, though there’s really no difference between these offers.

Bonusland’s comparison right on this page brings all the freshest free spins and bonus spins campaigns to you in one easy-to-use table. Hunt for bonus spins right here and grab your first 50 bonus spins right away!

Welcome bonus

You should be quite excited if you’ve never played online slots before since you can enjoy welcome bonus packages offered by the top UK online slots sites. The best online slots sites are on the hunt for new players, and they use the welcome bonus as their main tool.

As a gambler, this means bonus spins or bonus money that gets added to your balance, and the online casino gets one new player. Everybody wins!

These days, almost every casino has a welcome bonus, and over time, the offers have become only more and more elaborate. If, in the past, it was normal to receive just 50 bonus spins on your first minimum deposit, nowadays, players won’t be satisfied unless the welcome bonus grants them at least £1000.

That’s why you can easily find thousands of pounds in only bonus funds or hundreds of bonus spins, all for making your first deposit to the slots site. Bonusland has listed all such online slot site welcome bonus packages for you to choose from – take your pick and enjoy the bonus when signing up.

Remember that welcome bonus offers are valid just for new gamblers who haven’t had a gambling account at the chosen casino before. Once you’ve signed up and declined the welcome bonus, you won’t get a chance to use another welcome bonus package in the future.

No deposit bonus

We all know online casinos require you to use your own money for bets, but on some rare occasions, casinos may actually give you free money.

This sounds like a complete trap, but a no deposit bonus is completely legitimate. The best online slots sites may sometimes give brand new customers some bonus spins or free money that can be used on their casino games as a “test run”. The casino is hoping that after testing their games, you may be more inclined to deposit your own money, too.

Bonus spins are most common among no deposit bonuses, but don’t be fooled – you probably won’t even get 50 bonus spins. No deposit bonuses are rather small, and usually no bigger than 20 bonus spins or 10 pounds as cash funds.

Despite the small size, a no deposit bonus is a handy tool for those who are not quite sure about gambling online. It’s the only risk-free way to try a slot site.

Deposit bonus

Regular deposit bonus is the most common promotion you’ll find from any online slot site, in addition to bonus spins and free spins (which may be even more common on slots sites).

As the name suggests, a deposit bonus is a special amount of gambling money that gets added to your balance after making a deposit. It’s sort of an “eye for an eye” kind of deal – you add something to the casino, and the casino rewards you with the deposit bonus.

Deposit bonus is also the biggest possible bonus on most slot sites. The welcome bonus package tends to be the biggest – it often contains thousands in bonuses. Deposit bonus is a close second though, offering regular bonus money to loyal gamblers who deposit bigger amounts.

The actual size of the deposit bonus depends on how much you decide to deposit. The most common deposit bonus is around £100-200 and goes up to 100%. As an example, if you deposit £100 to receive a 100% deposit bonus up to £100, you’ll get another £100 after the deposit, making your total balance £200.

Almost every deposit bonus is tied to wagering requirements and game restrictions which may greatly inhibit your overall freedom. For instance, bonus funds contribute towards the bonus balance until you’ve placed enough bets. After betting sufficiently, a.k.a fulfilling the max bonus conversion requirement, the funds will be converted into cash funds.

Daily free game offers and VIP perks

All casinos know they need to make some great efforts if they’d like to keep players among their ranks. That’s where daily free game promotions and loyalty offers come into play.

Some slot sites may offer daily free game rounds or daily free spins to gamblers who fulfil certain conditions or participate in daily challenges. Some even organize “treasure hunts” that entail playing slots and placing some bets.

VIP and loyalty bonuses are also common on online slot sites. The main gist is always the same – the more actively and regularly you bet on online slots, the better your perks. The best slot sites pamper regular players with all kinds of perks and you may even expect daily free goodies.

Wagering requirements

After seeing extravagant casino bonus offers ranging up to hundreds of bonus spins or thousands in bonus money, you may be wondering: where’s the catch?

Naturally, no casino offers money just like that and that’s true, there is certainly a catch: every deposit bonus and all free spins winnings must be wagered according to the bonus terms and conditions.

Before you proceed to using your welcome bonus or bonus spins, look for bonus conditions. Every legitimate online slot site displays conditions in a well-visible area, around the bonus information. All bonus terms may be different, but usually, these are the main conditions you should look out for in all slots bonuses:

  • Bonus funds are separate to cash funds – It’s important to understand that bonus funds contribute towards your bonus balance, not regular cash funds balance. Every slot site has two sections: bonus balance and real cash balance. You’ll have bonus funds separate from cash funds until you’ve wagered through the money, but initially, you’ll have even all winnings from bonus spins credited as bonus funds, not regular cash.
  • Minimum deposit required – You can only start enjoying slots bonuses after making your first minimum deposit. Every welcome bonus has set certain rules on the required minimum deposit, so you may find terms like “min deposit 10 pounds”. In that case, you can only release the welcome bonus or free spins on your account if you deposit at least £10. Deposit bonus depends on your deposit size, so the bigger your deposit, the bigger the deposit bonus, too.
  • Max bet rules – One surprising restriction concerns the size of your bets. This limit is applied to your account until you’ve wagered through the bonus and don’t have only bonus funds on your account anymore. Until then, you may have a strict max bet rule. In most cases, you’ll have a max bonus bet 5 pounds, meaning that your max bet can be just 5 pounds per round.
  • Game availability – With a deposit bonus, you usually get free hands on the kinds of casino games you want to play, while bonus spins are always meant for just a few specific slot games. However, in both cases, there are some game restrictions. There’s an issue with game availability when it comes to wagering through your bonus funds. You’ll have only some eligible casino games, meaning that the bonus funds contribute towards the real balance only when playing those games. Game restrictions can be tricky, so it’s essential to double-check the game availability before jumping into your chosen online slot.
  • Suitable payment methods – In worst case, it’s possible that you’ve made the required minimum deposit to release the welcome bonus, but end up not receiving it for one reason: you didn’t use eligible payment methods. Unfortunately, all payment methods don’t count for casino bonuses. Notoriously, it’s usually not possible to redeem bonuses with Skrill or Neteller, but most other payment methods tend to be allowed.
  • Wagering condition – The wagering condition itself is tricky. As mentioned, all winnings from bonus spins credited to your account (and the whole deposit bonus) must be “played through”. For example, if the deposit bonus came with a wagering requirement of 20x and you received a £10 deposit bonus, you’ll have to bet £200 on different casino games. After hitting that requirement, the bonus funds contribute towards your actual cash balance and you’ll get to make a withdrawal. Until hitting the wagering condition, bonus funds are separate from your other funds.
  • Expiration date – The bonus funds subject to wagering also come with an expiration date. All bonus funds expire after a certain time, and if you don’t fulfil wagering conditions within that time limit, you’ll lose both the deposit bonus and all attached winnings, too. If you don’t want to lose your bonus spins winnings, it’s incredibly important to keep the expiration date in mind and play through the offer, before your bonus funds expire.

Best Tips for Playing Online Slots

Almost no other casino games are as thrilling as slot games. Those who’ve spun the reels and kept their fingers crossed for matching symbols are well aware of the adrenaline rush, especially if the symbols light up and create a winning combo.

Smart gamblers, however, have a few tricks up their sleeve to ensure better gameplay. Since slots are all about luck, there’s not much you can do to sway the odds in your favour, but there are still a few steps to follow to get the best bang for the buck.

Choose high RTP slots

Among thousands of slots, not all slot games may be worth your money. The industry’s average RTP is around 96%, which may be decent enough for casual gameplay, but if you’re looking to get the best value, you should opt for slots that pack a higher RTP.

Naturally, RTP is still just a theoretical number, which may not even matter in your gambling session since you may not feel its effect, but as a general rule, high RTP slot games tend to pay out better than the rest. Play responsibly, though, even when choosing high RTP slots.

Use bonuses wisely

Bonus spins, deposit bonus, bonus funds – these are all great but not meant for every gambler. In fact, some gamblers stay away from bonuses, even if they would get 50 free spins for a very small effort.

The trouble with bonuses lies in the bonus terms and conditions, which may dampen your mood quite a bit. Some players prefer gambling without any restrictions and, thus, don’t want to get any bonus spins credited to their account. In many cases, you may be better off without using any bonus offers, especially if you don’t want to restrict your gameplay.

Remember, bonus restrictions might be quite vast. There’s the trouble with game availability – you may have some games excluded from wagering. In addition to bonus funds subject to wagering, you may also have to wager through your initial deposit. On top of everything else, you may have expiration dates on bonus funds, maximum bet limits and many other conditions.

Even if you’re okay with wagering requirements, having a new offer for free spins every day doesn’t mean you should make a new minimum deposit every single day to redeem those bonus spins. There are always new bonuses coming in the future, and you don’t have to jump on every single campaign.

Keep your deposits reasonable

We all know gambling may be addictive, which is why we urge everyone: please gamble responsibly. One of the biggest mistakes many players make (and which may lead to gambling problems) is repeated depositing or depositing too much money.

It’s one thing to make a small minimum deposit to your account, but it’s an entirely different thing to regularly deposit huge amounts. The only way to keep gambling under control is to keep your deposits reasonable or even just make a minimum deposit, and no more than that.

Use free demos

One of the saddest ways to spend your money at an online casino is to spin a slot game hoping to win something, and before you know it, you’ve spent all your money on a game that didn’t satisfy you or that you didn’t even like at all.

Every slot game has different features, gameplay mechanics and graphical nuances, which all create a completely unique experience. While in their essence, slot games are all similar, these small nuances matter a lot.

That’s why every slot game comes with a free demo. These demos allow spinning reels without using any real funds, so you can see exactly how the game works and whether you’d like to bet your own money too.

Play responsibly

Playing slots online is definitely fun and can be enjoyed as a nice hobby, but everything should be done in moderation. Gambling is like chocolate: enjoy it in moderation as a nice treat, but if you go overboard, you’ll risk ending up in a bad situation.

Please gamble responsibly, don’t deposit more than you could lose and set up appropriate gambling limits in your account’s settings. All the best slot sites in the UK offer various self-limiting tools which every gambler should use – play responsibly, set up the limits and this way, you can ensure a safe and fun time at your chosen online casino.

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