Andar Bahar Game by XproGaming – Simple yet Exciting

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XproGaming valuably contributes to online casino card games content with the release of their Andar Bahar variant.

Andar Bahar

The beloved Indian card game will remind the players of Baccarat and Dragon Tiger due to similarities.

Thrilling but simple gameplay makes the game a perfect attraction for players.

Online casinos are already striving to ensure their Andar Bahar supply from XproGaming since the game is broadly popular.

Players that take pleasure in Baccarat and Dragon Tiger should read on to learn more about the tempting Andar Bahar game.

Rules and Gameplay of Andar Bahar game

Although the Andar Bahar game is widely popular both in India and worldwide, XproGaming is among the first providers to offer it.

Various UK casino sites will offer the this game variant of the mentioned provider and for a good reason.

Namely, the XproGaming version features a sophisticated gaming interface with all the needed options.

The center of the playing field is marked with a joker card spot.

The dealer places one card in the designated area, making it a joker card for that round.

Besides the joker spot, there are two more card slots on the layout, them being one on the left and one on the right.

The left spot is named the Andar and the right one as the Bahar spots.

After the dealer has placed a joker card, cards are dealt with Andar and Bahar fields, one at a time respectively.

The goal of the game is to guess on which field the matching value of the joker card will appear.

Different Andar Bahar variants come with different types of side bets as well, making the game more exciting.

XproGaming enhancing the Andar Bahar gaming scene

Out of all versions, XproGaming offers the one most suitable for worldwide players.

Guessing the side of the matching card value will award players with 1 to 1 payout.

However, the side bets bring the true joy of the game.

Players can in most cases bet on the number of deals required to draw the matching card value.

Also, matching suits are awarded a special payout if offered by the operator.

Furthermore, the XproGaming variant of Andar Bahar offers a unique side bet of 8 to 1 payout.

Namely, players can bet on whether the first card to be drawn will be a matching value or not.

The payout is 8 to 1 since there is a realistic chance of drawing the matching card since a single card deck is used in Andar Bahar.

There is no doubt that Skrill casinos and Apple Pay Casinos will offer the Andar Bahar game produced by XproGaming.

Ultimately, Dragon Tiger lovers can switch from their favorite game and Andar Bahar since the payouts and mechanics are similar.

Andar Bahar game by XproGaming is a fun and intense game with a fair chance of big wins.

Players will have to rely on luck for this one and try the optional side bet from time to time for even better prizes.