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Apple Pay is a digital payment platform for iOS mobile users. The mobile wallet uses the NFC capability of the iPhone alongside an inbuilt fingerprint scanner to allow customers to purchase products or services using their phones. The app also lets users send cash to other apple users. Apple Pay is similar to Square Cash and Venmo.


UK-Casinos with Apple Pay as Payment Method

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Apple Card

Apple is soon to launch the apple card. The app will be used by all Apple Pay users. The card will have the same features as normal credit cards such as 2% for purchases made on Apple Pay and 3% cashback.

Is Apple Pay safe?

Apple Pay is very secure like other contactless payments. When a user adds their card, all the details inside it are stored online on a user’s iPhone device and not the server of Apple. The company will give the user a device account number known as a token, as such actual details are never shared when making purchases.To add more security to the feature, apple introduced the apple’s fingerprint recognition called Touch ID and passcode. There is also a facial recognition feature to enhance security.

If a person is using the apple watch, they must enable wrist detection. If a phone is stolen or lost, one can cease making payments by signing in to Apple’s iCloud. Alternatively, one can set their phone on lost mode.

Setting Up Apple Pay

First of all, the user needs to open the app and add cards. One can capture the details of your card using your iPhone’s camera. Users can add up to 8 cards on their iOS device.Users can verify the cards that they have already linked to their iPhone, but their bank must verify new cards. The card a person want to use often will become the default one, but they can always switch to another card as they wish. They only need to hold the Touch ID of their iPhone and tap choose another card. If a person is using Apple Watch, they should click the side button twice and swipe right or left to select another card.

How to Use Apple Pay

A user must press mobile device near the contactless card reader and a picture of your card will show on the screen. If a person is using an iPhone with Face ID capabilities, they don’t have to use the Touch ID, otherwise, they just touch the fingerprint sensor and wait for less than a second for the sensor to confirm their ID. Just as simple as that.

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Benefits with Apple pay


One can complete your purchase without filling any data about themselves. This is extremely crucial for customers as well as merchants as they strive to maximize their check out experience. Whether this is one’s first time as a customer or 50th time, the experience is always smooth.

Prevent Fraud

Other than improved security for customers, business people earn a lot of money too, thanks to reduced flight. Customers are always in total control of the transaction process as well as their information. As such, it is almost impossible for thieves and hackers to steal card details to pursue fraudulent activities. On the other hand, if there is a problem, one can unlink their card immediately.

No Additional Charges for Retailers

Apple does not charge shoppers or retailers for using the platform. However, users have to pay for credit card transaction fees. That is perhaps why Apple partnered with all the major credit card firms and financial institutions to handle all the issues of these services.

Smooth Experience

Apple always strives to ensure improve user experience. This service automatically chooses the default card for payments, from the passbook. But users can always swipe the card.