SoftGaming & Yggdrasil Deal – What’s New?

September 13, 2020 Posted in News, No Deposit Bonus, Software by No Comments

Big news hit the online gambling market as the deal between Softgaming and Yggdrasil proceeds.


As one of the leading content providers for slot sites, Yggdrasil now plans on creating a new gaming network.

That’s where Softgaming steps in as a famous brand as it will have access to all Yggdrasil games and solutions.

Not only does this deal affect Softgaming and Yggdrasil, it only affects other partnership gaming companies involved.

The new network will certainly produce high-quality casino content for everyone to try.

Partnership Details

Softgaming has more to get with this deal as the casino technology giant offers its services to its disposal.

This way the whole game offer of Softgaming can improve as their experts will collaborate with other experts in the field.

The main role of Yggdrasil in this deal is to provide the cooperative network for casino game distributers to use.

Newly-developed games are already anticipated by gambling sites as this partnership can cause no mistakes.

The YG Masters program is a great way to improve the current situation in the industry as we rarely see original new ideas.

In the past few months, Yggdrasil did its best to organize the studios, software publishers, and other partners. As a result, the network functions even now while still in development.

SoftGaming – Benefits for the Industry

The complete plan carries significant advantages for the entire industry branch. Companies like Softgaming can now finally fully express themselves through this amazing partnership program.

While the agreement still undergoes the initial stage, Softgaming advances by each day.

The company now has a B2B license issued by the Malta Gaming Authority and acquires valuable partners.

As Yggdrasil has its vision of how a connected gaming environment consisted of several companies brings profit, Softgaming confirms the alliance.

Softgaming now has the rights on casino software like Big Bounty Bill, Sky Hunters, and Miami Bonus Wheel.

The main benefit for the industry is the unique partnership that is rare nowadays.

Many companies of the same level will join forces with Yggdrasil content developing to create an authentic casino experience.

While most of these games will be available to major online casinos, the accent is here for playing convenience.

The idea is to have players join online casinos from the comfort of their homes, without having to make a cash deposit. Instead, sophisticated payment methods like Skrill and PayPal can be used to easily upload funds.

All resources of all participating companies will share to test in a close future. Not only does this partnership aim to produce new slots, but it also puts the focus on casino games and live dealing rooms.

One of the best benefits for the industry is that the deal will motivate all contestants to do their best and develop games with joined forces.

Overall, Softgaming can profit from this deal while also improving their casino game choice and grow with other partners.