PointsBet Signs a New Deal with US College Sports Team

September 24, 2020 Posted in Betting Strategies, News by No Comments

One of the major sports betting sites in the UK, PointsBet, makes a surprising move by signing a deal with a US college sports team.

PointsBet Signs a New Deal with US College Sports Team

The University of Colorado and its Colorado Buffalos now have the chance to be the first college sports team sponsored by a betting operator.

Learfield IMG College is accountable for the Colorado college sports team and therefore the partnership agreement includes it. The official deal between PointsBet and Learfield IMG College will bring many benefits and improvements for both sides.

PointsBet Making a Marketing move

No matter how this move may seem at first, PointsBet can benefit so much from this deal.

Financial aid will also be provided to the college team and students in return. However, they can count on many more visitors to the site as of the signing of this deal.

The Deal includes marketing opportunities for PointsBet in terms of advertisements on the playing field. The Colorado Buffalos home playground will also be dressed with some marketing items of PointsBet.

Moreover, Colorado Buffalos’ social media channels and other media will also represent the betting operator. The plan to draw more visitors to the site can move with the next phase, considering how beneficial this deal might be.

To avoid negative critics, they has also organized special anti-betting classes for students and players not old enough to bet.

The point of these classes is to raise the awareness of young ones when it comes to betting age restriction.

PointsBet can also become competition for online casinos with its new offer of casino games.

Raising the Growth in Profit

As for the students and Colorado College, this deal is significant for its financial details. The school and the team can make use of the funds to refresh the sports equipment and for student funding.

However, PointsBet is the real winner here. Considering the popularity of US College sport, the betting operator can earn quite a lot.

This isn’t the only such deal ready by them lately. They also signed a deal with professional sports held at Denver Pepsi Arena.

PointsBet plans on spreading its business and opening headquarters in Denver and Colorado now. Moreover, the betting giant plans on expanding their business and field offices in several more US cities.

Illinois and Michigan are only a small part of the list of places where they plans on expanding.

The growth of the company is easily notice as its revenues are up 3x in comparison to previous years.

With over 200.000 registered users, PointsBet continues to evolve and transform the traditional betting business.

The lack of payment methods, however, still bothers customers and word on this is available from the company as well.

Right now, Visa and bank transfers are the only way of depositing on the PointsBet site.

However, there is a word that options like Apple Pay and PayPal will become available for use in the close future.