How online casino works!

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If you have a curious mind like mine, then at one point you must have wondered how some things function. They say that curiosity killed the cat, well; I assure you that this won’t. Information is not only power; it is fun too.  Knowing about things will place you in a better position to make wise decisions. For this article well dig a little deeper into online casino gambling. For all the adrenaline junkies out there and the wannabe gamblers, here are some nuggets of information that will prove useful to you.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Now that I have your attention, money is the single most driving force of gambling industry. They say it’s all about the money in the gambling industry. This is why I chose to start with it. As a gamble, it is in your sole interest to know how your money is being handled and who handles it. After all, it is yours! There are two main questions about money; how to get it in and how to get it out. These transactions have been made ridiculously easy by the online money solutions like PayPal, Due, stripe, Dwolla among others. Different online casinos offer different payment options with some offering a vast selection of payment methods whose availability is subject to your country of residence. It is therefore imperative to check which online payment providers are accepted by the casino before signing up with them.

Once your money is in the account of the payment providers, you can quickly deposit to your casino account which will reflect almost immediately. Upon withdrawal, you first log in to your casino account, follow the withdrawal procedure and the money will be sent to your account. All these transactions have a small fee attached to them including currency exchanging rates.

Return To Player Percentage

When gambling there are some basic terminologies that one must get acquainted with. One of the vocabularies that apply to casino games is the Return To Player. This is a ration expressed in percentage of the money that the slot machine gives back as winnings out of the total amount it receives. Let me explain. If a slot machine with an RTP of 90% gets a thousand bets of one dollar each, it will return nine hundred dollars to the customers as winnings. This information is vital for the gamblers, especially in the long term.

Hit frequency is another common term used in slot machines. It refers to the number of times a slot machine will hit a winning combination. If a device is said to have a winning frequency of 10%, it means that 10 out of 100 attempts will have a winning combination.

Online software gaming providers

Another interesting part of the online gambling is how they work. For those used to offline gambling, this must intrigue you. The online casinos, as we all know, run on computer programs. These applications can either be web-based or downloadable to PCs and mobile phones.

These interfaces are provided for by online casino software providers specialized on such provisions. They include Playtech, Microgaming, RealTime gaming, etc. Such platforms can either be sold or leased out to the casino. Very few online casinos have developed their online gaming software. This symbiotic relationship is critical for the online casino business, and it is as a result of the two working together that we have online casinos.


With this knowledge, though not comprehensive, you will be in a better position to indulge in online gambling with more confidence. Enjoy your gambling!

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