Microgaming embraces new Gaming Regulations by Germans

October 29, 2020 Posted in Live Casino, Mobile Casino, News by No Comments

As the global leader in casino sites software providing, Microgaming supports the new German gambling regulations.


The new regulations will come down in July 2021, which grants time for Microgaming to prepare its players.

Until the legal acceptance of such regulations, Microgaming will use a platform that is perfect to materialize the laws.

The accent is focusing on responsible gambling and preventing any gambling-like harm to players.

As these new concerns all online players, let’s get into more detail and explain this decision.

The role of Microgaming in implementing Gaming Regulations

Microgaming has a significant role in implementing the new gaming regulations passed down by Germans.

To be more specific, the reputation of the provider strikes a crucial role, as it may set an example for remaining providers.

One thing is for sure when it comes to those regulations – providers that don’t apply for the new license may be further excluding from the business.

German gaming regulations are all about responsible gaming and spreading the consciousness about gambling for fun.

Unfortunately, too many gamblers these days look at online gaming as a means of making a profit.

Sadly, rare are the players that love to truly earn for living by playing online pokies.

Therefore, new slots sites will have to respect the new gaming regulations as well.

Most of these sites are already under the wing og Microgaming, so by following the principle of the world’s leader, gambling regulations are here.

The same goes for sports betting sites that operate in the German jurisdiction.

 About Microgaming’s Influence

Respecting the gaming regulations is crucial for all sides who are involving in the organization of online gambling games.

However, sometimes not all sites comply and stick to the rules.

Microgaming is already an industry giant, so it can use the influence and reputation to affect others to follow the rules.

Gaming regulations may now be changed, but the approach to the game can remain the same if conditions are respected.

On the behalf of all responsible gaming companies, Microgaming released its solution.

The company developed a platform that implements the new gaming regulations and made it publicly available.

This way, customers will be technically prepared to enter the changing market.

Gaming regulations can truly change the current gaming perspective, and Microgaming looks to aid in that goal.

The platform created by industry leaders already includes over 150 of Microgaming’s best titles.

Skrill casinos and those using other convenient payment methods like Neteller may use the platform.

Players won’t have the gaming conditions changed, but the message sent in regards to responsible gaming will show.

Gaming regulations will certainly get into the point on major casino operators worldwide.

Hopefully, the new regulation system can help prevent some gambling disasters.

Microgaming either way significantly is boosting the spreading of new gaming regulations, and its platform will help operators to start.

Players that prefer playing their games can freely continue to use the services of the featured sites.

However, once the gaming regulations are set in July 2021, players should watch out which sites they choose.