VR Technology and Its Impact on The Gambling Industry

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The focus of this article is discussing what virtual reality (VR) is, the adoption of VR technology in the casino industry, features of the VR casinos, some of the games you would play at VR casinos and how VR technology is set to disrupt the gambling industry.

What Is VR Technology?

If there is something that technology hasn’t failed the human race with is the creation of futuristic and exciting inventions. From the internet to smartphones, now we welcome virtual reality technology. Don’t think that you are about to travel to another dimension full of aliens using this technology, but such a reality can be designed using VR technology. VR technology allows its users to interact with near-human environments that are just as real as the ones we know. In technical terms, virtual reality is a computer-simulated three-dimensional environment that is realistic, in that, the user can interact and explore the created environment.

The Integration of VR Technology into Casino Industry

Casinos have been on a quest to improve their services while at the same time, targeting to reach out to a broader market. The journey started about two decades ago when the first online casinos were developed.

Since then, thousands of online casinos have been established. Looking at the current gambling industry, nearly every betting site operator from the most popular ones such as Paddy Power run an online casino. Even the walk-in casinos offer their clients online casino services. True to the adage that change is not evitable, the online casino wave is being replaced by VR casinos.

The virtual casino is one of the novel ideas of recent times. Many people associate VR technology with military drills and other sophisticated activities such as pilot training. But in reality, the technology’s use isn’t limited to only the technologically advanced industries. In comparison to the online casinos, virtual reality casinos are pushing the boundaries of how realistic casino games can be presented.

Features of Virtual Reality Casinos

Superior Gaming Delivery and Game Production

A gaming delivery option is a medium through which players get to enjoy the games they are taking part in. Conventionally, online casinos have been relying on smartphones and computers for gaming delivery. The adoption of virtual reality technology promises to provide a more realistic game delivery and production. The reason behind this is that VR casinos are designed to offer near-real gaming experience since they mimic real casinos. While online casinos allow players to watch the games as they take place, virtual reality casinos enable players to be part of the games taking place the same way as the brick and motor casinos.

Detailed and Realistic Gaming Experiences

One of the perks of virtual reality casino games is their immersive nature. The use of VR technology in the creation of these games allow the player to be part of a game the same way the player would have if playing the casino games at a walk-in casino. VR casinos can deliver realistic sounds and images similar to the ones found in a real casino. When playing poker, roulette or even baccarat at the VR casino table, a player can move around, look out the window, have a drink and also use hand gestures while playing casino games.

How Does a Virtual Reality Casino Work?

The most exciting aspect of virtual reality casinos is how the casino works. First, the player needs to wear gaming headsets that are provided by the virtual reality casino. Upon putting on the headsets, everything around the player disappears, and a new environment appears to the player, this becomes the player’s new world.

In the new computer-simulated reality, players can move about a virtual casino establishment or lounge. Jazzy music can be heard in the background of the casino lounges. The players can walk to different tables, slot machines and even choose a seat at the table of their liking similar to what happens in real casinos.

If a player opts for a game at the virtual casino tables, the players will be provided with playing chips by the dealer. After this, the player can wage his/her chips at the virtual tables against other players. All this takes place in a near-real virtual casino making the experience entertaining and worthwhile.

What Games Can You Play at A Virtual Reality Casino?

VR casinos just like its counterparts the online and walk-in casinos offer a wide selection of games. Some of the games VR casino players can enjoy include Slots, Poker, Blackjack and Roulette. To be able to play these games, players need to put on their VR gear. 2017 has seen new game entrants that are fast becoming popular among VR casino players. These games are Miss Midas, and Jack and the Bean Stalk not forgetting Starburst.

The development of more VR casino games is underway by some of the renowned game developers including NetEnt and Microgaming who are the most prominent game developers. These two game development giants have ventured into the design and development of VR casino games. The best VR casinos that are in the market include SlotsMillions, Casino VR and RiftSino. VR casino players are guaranteed to have an excellent gaming experience at these casinos.

How Will VR Casinos Affect the Casino Industry?

Since the development of VR casinos much has been said of how the innovation stands to revolutionize the casino industry. True to this, the VR casinos are set to transform the industry. First, VR casinos are poised to increase player spending in casino games. From a survey carried out this year, it is expected that the total amount of player spending in the casino industry will surpass $520 billion by the year 2021. Compared to the spending this year, VR casinos will be an 800% increase in casino spending making the market more lucrative and profitable. Additionally, VR casinos are attracting a new demand for casino services. Millennials and tech-savvy individuals are among the players attracted to the casino industry thanks to virtual reality casinos.


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