Lucky Blackjack game by Yggdrasil – Entertaining variation

December 29, 2020 Posted in Games, Slots by No Comments

There’s a new variation of online Blackjack in the offer of gambling and betting sites and it’s an impressive variant – the Lucky Blackjack.

Lucky Blackjack

It includes all the benefits that a player could ask for in a round of online Blackjack. Furthermore, it’s a live dealing game developed by Yggdrasil, making it perfect for all players that trust in tradition.

The game includes slightly different rules than ordinary Blackjack, so players are best advised to dig deep into it and uncover the details.

Main gameplay aspects of Lucky Blackjack

Players might be surprised that Yggdrasil went in and made a live Blackjack variant. But, it’s not such a surprise for the lovers of this franchise.

The provider already made some variants of live dealing games and automated versions as well.

If it happens so you can’t find a free seat, there’s the option to bet behind a seated player.

This way more players can follow the game and enjoy the thrill of observing a live Blackjack round even without a free seat.

Various Apple Pay Casinos and PayPal Casinos offer Yggdrasil collections of online slots and live games.

Players can easily access the Lucky Blackjack game at all times, as it’s perfectly compatible with mobile platforms.

The payout for a Blackjack is at a standard 3 to 2 rate, while the game RTP is locked at 99.55%.

Six decks are used in total during the Lucky Blackjack rounds and the dealer stands on all soft 17s.

Among the additional in-game options, there are few valuable selections. Players can hit, stand, split and double down. Moreover, there’s the option to surrender or take insurance and win a 2 to 1 payout.

Lucky Blackjack playing convenience

The provider wanted to make this variant of online Blackjack extremely pleasurable for players. Therefore, multiple additional Blackjack options are included in this variant. Some of them being the double after a split and hit split aces.

Side bets are even more of the reason to play this game. As, Lucky Blackjack comes with two special side bets.

These bets are the Lucky Lucky side bet and Lucky Ladies side bet that players can use during a Lucky Blackjack round.

The Lucky Ladies side bet allows players to bet on the possibility of the first two cards to result in a total value of 20.

Suited sevens or three to a straight are valid options for the Lucky Lucky side bet. As it takes the player’s cards and the dealer’s up card into consideration.

The Lucky Blackjack comes with a pleasurable camera feed that enables players to enjoy each round like in a real casino.

Moreover, plenty of side bets and additional betting options make the game even better. As it stands out among regular variants of online Blackjack.

Ultimately, the Lucky Blackjack makes a great version of the game that’s equally suited for experts and novice players. Even beginners can get a hold of it via the great and applicable bet behind option.