3 Card Poker by Ezugi – Enjoy the exciting battle against the dealer

February 26, 2021 Posted in Games, Live Casino by No Comments

Over the years, we’ve seen an insufficient amount of 3 Card Poker games for the online market and Ezugi aims to change that. The famous provider of live casino games managed to secure an impressive poker variant for loyal players.

3 Card Poker

Namely, the 3 Card Poker by Ezugi impresses with the overall design and betting options included. On the other hand, the game is based on the real 3 Card Poker played at land-based casinos.

For all these reasons, the 3 Card Poker by Ezugi makes a perfect poker game even for beginners!

About the 3 Card Poker by Ezugi

Players that are unfamiliar with the rules of 3 Card Poker might consider it complex. However, the truth is, the game is perhaps the simplest online poker game you could find.

Even a beginner in the world of poker could find the way through the game and beat the dealer. That’s right, the 3 Card Poker by Ezugi focuses strictly on betting against the dealer.

This doesn’t mean that only one person per table is allowed, it rather means that there’s no betting interaction with others. Some players consider this aspect of the game very convenient as it allows you to focus on your hand alone.

It’s no wonder that the majority of new gambling sites rush to include this swift poker variant in their offering.

Rules and betting options of the 3 Card Poker

There’re several crucial differences between the 3 Card Poker and Texas Holdem. First off, the 3 Card Poker doesn’t come with the option to bet against the other players, but strictly against the dealer.

On the other hand, another difference lies in the number of cards dealt. Namely, the 3 Card Poker comes without the community cards characteristic for poker variations.

In this version of the game, players get their 3 cards while the dealer gets a set of 3 cards as well.

To play the game, players should place the ante bet first as the conditional bet to keep placing wagers.

Then, if the player is satisfied with the 3 cards dealt, it’s possible to place another bet called the play bet. This second bet is optional as players can also fold and forfeit the ante bet in case of bad cards.

If the play proceeds, players on Apple Pay and Neteller casinos can move on with the next bets. Players can even include the cards of the dealer by using the 6 card bonus bet.

This way, if players manage to assemble the best poker hand out of all 6 cards, great payouts are possible.

Players will also get a 5 to 1 payout in case of ante bonus resulting in a straight flush or higher. On the other hand, three of a kind awards 4 to 1, while the least payout is straight and it pays 1 to 1.

The Pair Plus bonus bets are also there to further spice up the thrill of the game.