BF Games Shows Their New Online Pokie Game

September 9, 2020 Posted in Games, News, No Deposit Bonus, Software by No Comments

The latest news in the online casinos industry is the announcement of the anticipated BF games slot game.

BF Games Shows Their New Online Pokie Game

Hot Sunrise is the new casino game from the company in the mission to bring back memories.

The game offers something original on the current market for players as the game resembles older initial slots.

The BF games publish their new game with high expectations that are easily achievable because of its features.

BF Games – About the Game

This game brings a different sensation to playing slots than modern-day games. The reduced 3×3 grid makes the payment options pretty clear as there are just 5 lines.

A great advantage of Hot Sunrise is the clear and plain-looking graphics that create an amazing experience with bonuses.

Bright colors are involved to make the game more retro-looking.

Even the music is some kind of nostalgic. However, looks may deceive as this game uses its 5 lines in full potential.

There is a high chance of winning big here by getting 3 wild symbols. Several such wins may earn over x100 stake each and give players a boost.

New gambling sites will certainly give their best in claiming rights on offering this game because of its full-screen potential.

The game features hands that can land all 5 lines of the same symbol, creating more winning chances.

Therefore, BF games thought on everything when developing this game as such a hand triggers the wheel bonus.

The wheel bonus features two stages where players can grab a hold of multiplier chances.

The player will be offered a choice of 8 multipliers that guarantee one to be won.

Anyway, a respin feature is here as well as a special feature of the game and activates once a player has the chance of getting a full-screen match.

Playing Convenience

The game is completely compatible with mobile devices and easily accessible by all platforms.

Major online casinos will have it in offer and accessibility is outstanding.

It only takes a few seconds to find Apple Pay Casinos or Neteller Casinos available with the game.

The deposit and withdrawal process goes easy from there.

More importantly, the game offers a wide range of stakes available for meeting most players’ requirements.

Single hand bets go from €0.1 to €200 making it desirable for both high stake and low stake players.

BF games make a valuable change in the current market with their new Hot Sunrise slot.

The initial idea of creating a unique slot in the current gaming environment is a huge success.

The game has great winning potential and it is the perfect game to stop for a minute and relax.

Playing it only causes positive thinking as the whole game is enabling relaxation in a relaxed tropic manner.

One more advantage of this BF games slot is that the gameplay layout is simple and appealing.

To be more precise, Hot Sunrise will draw the attention of all players just because of it being different than standard games.