What Is Blackjack Insurance?

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Blackjack insurance is a type of a side bet that increases your casino chances of winning.

If you are an enthusiastic gambler, you have certainly heard of side bets.

Blackjack or table game fans consider insurance as a side bet or an addition to their traditional game.

Anyhow, there are also the ones that recognize blackjack insurance as the fundamental of their play.

The Basics of Blackjack Insurance

Betting on blackjack insurance pays off when the dealer shows a blackjack.

It is a great way to balance your game and consolidate your payments.

ace and king laying next to poker chips on a blue casino table

If the dealer shows a blackjack and you don’t have this additional wager, you lose money.

But if you have bet at the right timing, you will receive your comfort reward in the amount of 2 to 1.

Considering the blackjack insurance prize, you may see this wager as extremely profitable.

It is large enough to cover your initial bet plus earn you extra money.

However, the odds of winning blackjack insurance might change your mind.

The Odds of Winning Blackjack Insurance

You can place a blackjack insurance wager when the dealer’s top card is an ace.

The next thing the dealer does is the process known as ‘peeking’.

The dealer checks whether his top and face-down card form a blackjack.

The goal is to prevent the player from losing additional money.

There are six possible outcomes of blackjack insurance.

  • The player can lose both the initial bet and the blackjack insurance. This means that the dealer didn’t have blackjack at the moment but still managed to win the round.
  • The player can win the initial bet but lose the blackjack insurance price. So, neither the dealer nor the player had a blackjack. Yet, the player won the hand.
  • When the hand is at a push, the initial bet is returned to the player, but the insurance bet is lost.
  •  The player may win the insurance bet and have his initial bet returned. This may happen when both the player and the dealer have a blackjack.
  • The player can win the insurance bet but lose his initial bet. This means that the dealer had a blackjack, and the player did not.
  • The player may win his initial bet with blackjack but lose his insurance bet. More exactly, the player had a blackjack, and the dealer did not.

pair og hands on a blackjack table, holding casino chips

The odds that the dealer will make a Blackjack are 9 to 4.


To be able to earn money from blackjack insurance, you should make the right guess almost every time.

Considering the facts, you will face certain disadvantages if you bet on the casino’s terms.

However, if you can predict which cards are left and following the round, you may take great advantage.

So, if you are good at counting cards, you will know when a blackjack may appear. 

All in all, blackjack insurance is quite complex and not meant for everyone.

Basing your bets solely on luck will lose you money, instead of earning more.

If you are willing to bet on this additional wager, you must follow the course of the game and try to predict the following round.