The Weirdest Things You Can Bet On

June 18, 2020 Posted in News by No Comments

The world sure is a place where anything is possible.

Literally anything.

Whatever you think of; the chances that it already exists are huge.

And that’s the case as well in the casino world.

From winning the jackpot to making new friends; you can have anything you want.

You just need to wish for it well enough.

Among all of these things, the bizarre bettings are one of them as well.

They are so unusual and weird that you will be wondering whether they are real or are just a tourist attraction.

So, what do these bets really mean and where can you find them?

Wife Carrying

As the name alone suggests the game, its actually very similar to the horse races.

A competitor is a man that is supposed to carry a woman on his back through a 253-meter line filled with obstacles.

Of course, the times are more modern than what they used to be and so the woman doesn’t need to be the man’s wife in order to be the right choice for the race.

And of course, the pair that finishes the line first is the winner.

The people that are watching the race can, of course, bet on the pair that they think is most likely to win.

As I mentioned before, it reminds you of the horse races. 

a man carrying a woman on his back

Celebrity Deaths

Even though this may seem like the most bizarre thing that you have heard in a while.

It actually is a true and legal bet to put your money on.

As the name itself pretty much explains the game, you can bet on any celebrity that you want.

You play for certain points that apply to the game in order to be closer to your win.

And in the end, you either win or you dont. It’s not complex, but it takes some informing beforehand.  

The Future of the Royal Family

Everyone is pretty familiar with the Royal Family, their history, the drama that happens on a daily basis.

But, are you familiar with their future? What are your opinions about it and how strong are they?

You can actually bet on this as well, and even win some money because of it as well.

The Royal Family is mainly politics but it can be worth it and you can even win some money on behalf of it.

What will happen to Meghan and Harry?

When will William become a king?

All of these questions can bring you some serious money, only if you’re lucky enough. 

a portrait of the royal family

These are only a small portion of the bizarre bettings that actually exist in this world.

Yes, they are completely legal and safe to bet on.

On the other, better hand, they are also very fun and adrenaline-rushing.

These bet activities are especially good if you’re extroverted and love social events.

Of course, they are not like the classic bet machines with the free spins and the jackpots, but they are fun in their own way.

Whatever the outcome will be, you ill have lots of fun, that’s for sure!