UK Gambling Commission reports huge growth in iGaming Industry

January 2, 2021 Posted in News by No Comments

The time has come for UK Gambling Commission to prepare an annual report of the online casinos industry growth.

UK Gambling Commission

The report shows the true Gross Gambling Yield per sector of the industry.

Moreover, the results also show the increase in month to month gross gambling and the improvement of the number of active accounts.

This year, the GGY rose by 53% making a powerful influence on all the aspects of the iGaming market and gambling sites.

If you wish to get to know the details of the UK Gambling Commission report, stay tuned for more info.

Main details of the UK Gambling Commission report

The total GGY for the UK gambling industry saw a significant rise when compared to previous years.

However, it’s important to get deep into the details of this aspect. As it closely shows the true nature of the growth.

Namely, we have witnessed a significant change in the number of online accounts. Over 8% raise has been spotted in comparison to the previous year.

Nevertheless, the important figure shows that we also got to see the higher playing time that players spent on online casino sites.

The UK Gambling Commission report reveals that 12% more players stayed logged in for at least half an hour on their registered casino sites.

This is a true discovery, as the time that players spent logged in on their favorite gambling and betting sites is a perfect growth indicator.

Results that boost the operator engagement

The UK Gambling Commission report shows that operators witnessed a 15% growth in player activity on betting sites.

Perhaps the return of the Premier League Football resulted in such a surprising raise.

On the other hand, this result shows the raised player engagement on UK gambling and betting sites in the previous months.

When it comes to online slots, players have overall spent more than 25 minutes of active play on slot sites.

This part of the UK Gambling Commission report is more important than what initially seems. Namely, online gamblers have spent more time playing online slots in the previous months than betting.

The overall annual growth estimated by the UK Gambling Commission report stands at an impressive 8% rate. Which is great for UK online casinos.

The number of bets placed has risen by 7% in comparison to the previous year. While the number of active players rose by 12%.

UK Gambling Commission report ends with a significant aspect of growth that perhaps best explains the real growth value.

The growth that occurred between March and November 2020 resulted in a 29% raise in player’ engagement.

Having in mind that previous years were also quite profitable for them. The UK Gambling Commission is satisfied with results.

We can surely hope to see more growth in the iGaming field in the UK since more and more renowned operators join the UK jurisdiction zones.