Two Player Win A Fortune On Yggdrasil Jackpot

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Many people in Sweden enjoy the prospect of gambling but some are unsure about the best place to indulge these particular habits. Fortunately, there is now an all-in-one resource for anyone who is feeling particularly lucky.

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Yggdrasil provides its clients with a wide variety of gambling games for all kinds of gamblers and the payouts on these games are surprisingly generous. In fact, one player at a Bethard casino was recently playing slots when he managed to win a grand total of 2.2 million euros in the Empire Fortune Jackpot which converts to almost $250,000 in American currency.

First established a few years ago, Empire Progressive is just one of two different jackpot games run by Yggdrasil and features a jackpot wheel where players can live out their dreams of being a contestant on Wheel of Fortune. Just like the game show, players are able to win a large variety of prizes and rewards should they prove successful. This includes the chance to spin for free or even to win a multi-million dollar jackpot.

The win comes just two weeks after another Swedish player took a home a jackpot worth upwards of 7.8 million euros which equate to about $885,850. The identities of both of these winners have yet to be released but it’s clear that, whoever they are, they’re two of the luckiest people in the country. The CEO of Yggdrasil is a man by the name of Fredrik Elmqvist who recently released a statement regarding their various products.

In the announcement, he noted the astounding nature of the fact that there were two jackpots won within two weeks of each other. He mentioned that these two winners will have the best Christmas of all time and remarked about how quickly the jackpot grows over time. In closing, he talked about how excited he is to see the next big winner of the jackpot fortune. The head of products at Bethard is a man by the name of Adam Vella and he also released a statement regarding this exciting development. In his announcement, he noted that it is particularly thrilling to hear about this player’s enormous win and remarked about how this accentuated the power of gambling and the high quality of these jackpots.

He finished his statement by congratulating the people who have already won the jackpot and wishing the best of luck to those who have been trying. He also wished a Merry Christmas to all of the employees who currently work at Bethard. This new online casino is one of the premier gambling resources in Sweden and was founded over ten years ago. When they first started out, they were just a handful of gamers who had noteworthy dreams of making it big someday but, now, they’ve turned their small business into a large empire. Of course, it wasn’t all fun and games as they’ve had their ups and downs but, along the way, they learned a lot of valuable lessons which help them to excel in the gambling industry.

Through these lessons, they managed to develop a winning formula to help provide their players with the best gaming experience possible. Nowadays, the people running Bethard are completely dedicated to providing the best services and products that money can buy. As a company, they are a team committed to turning ideas on their head and bringing all of their visions to life while striving to take their gaming experience to the next level. This is why they are confident in the fact that their players continually choose them. So we wish them the best of luck.

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