Legalization of Online Gambling – Germans get it Right

November 19, 2020 Posted in News by No Comments

The legalization of online gambling finally gets a closure, as a whole set of new regulations is accepted by 16 federal states.

Online Gambling

German online players are happy with the results that make Germany another jurisdiction zone.

The new measures will concern online gambling, sports betting, and lottery games as a whole.

Players will therefore finally be able to freely place their stakes at online gambling sites in Germany.

Keep reading if you are keen to know the details of the new regulations regarding online gambling in Germany.

A whole set of new measures is now active

The German online gambling market has always been the subject of many misconceptions.

The whole country invested significant time and aspects into developing a valid plan for responsible gaming.

Either way, Germany always presented a major online gambling market with a huge player base.

Perhaps it’s a good thing that Germany legalized this ”sport” after years of negotiations.

This way, at least all the measures and restrictions are well thought through, and the results are likely to show right at the start.

Germany also has a wide player base preferring slots online as their favorite way of playing fun, so bet restrictions are in process as well.

Another great thing about the legalization of online gambling in Germany is that all online gambling sectors are covering.

Still, with so many new and existing limitation rules, additions to the new gambling regulating law are soon here.

Online gambling restrictions set to protect players

As mentioned, a set of restrictive measures will follow the newly implemented regulations in Germany.

Those regulations will work in favor of troublesome players by protecting them and preventing them to stake more than what is affordable.

Sometimes even details are enough to change the negative outcome of trouble players’ gambling sessions.

As first among measures, the stake limitations on slots and other casino games will be enforcing to protect players.

Namely, various games will have the stake at a maximum level of £1, making it tougher for players to lose big amounts.

As another preventive measure, the majority of live dealing games will probably get out from the online casino offer.

Online gambling in Germany will therefore get a slightly different shape than in the rest of regulated jurisdiction zones.

Moreover, the monthly stake limit could also be forcing to serve as a restrictive measure.

Players will be under supervision and total stakes of over £1,000 monthly on online gambling will be over.

Players will therefore have to pay attention to their staking level to be able to bet equally during the month.

As a last restrictive measure, problematic players will get a warning for their negative activity by putting their accounts to sleep.

Cooling periods will thereafter be here as well, giving players some time to rethink their decisions.

All in all, a part of players will certainly feel unhappy by the latest online gambling regulations.

Still, Germany sets a great example for the rest of the gambling world, as problematic players are more and more by each day.