Kindred Group will withdraw 32Red Casino Brand

November 15, 2020 Posted in Mobile Casino, News by No Comments

After long years of presence on the Italian market, the Kindred Group decides to withdraw the 32Red casino.

Kindred Group

Players have been enjoying the services of the 32Red casino for over 8 years now in Italy. And, now the time has come to say goodbye.

However, the Kindred Group fans will have other casino sites to focus on, primarily Unibet in Italy.

The Unibet casino site will feature all the favorite games of 32Red casino players and even more.

Players that still have accounts on 32Red casino should continue reading for details on further funds handling and more.

Kindred Group – Casino site with a great tradition

Italian players enjoyed the services of 32Red casino for almost a decade, resulting in a vast number of loyal players.

As those frequently visiting the casino site will be disappointed for a while, the Kindred group made sure to find a solution.

Namely, the Unibet casino site will shortly become operational, accepting the former 32Red players with a welcome bonus.

The Kindred group achieved great success with the 32Red casino on the Italian field, both with the casino games sector and betting.

The site used to offer a variety of wagering options for sports fixtures and also a broad choice of casino games.

Both live dealing games and slots were popular on the 32Red casino site, meaning that the Kindred group will have to include those on Unibet.

Still, the new Unibet casino seems like a fitting replacement for the formerly popular 32Red casino.

Instructions for players with active accounts on 32Red

Those that still have some funds left on the 32Red casino site. Will have some time to put the account out of use.

The Kindred group cares about its players, giving them until the end of November to withdraw their funds.

Players are afterward welcome to join the newly formed Unibet site and claim the precious rewards.

What we can be certain about at this point is that the Kindred group will have to include a diverse game selection on Unibet.

32Red loyal players are used to premium slots in the portfolio. So, the Kindred group makes sure that everything is possible.

Players should have in mind that 29th November is the deadline for withdrawing any funds still present on accounts.

After it first became active in 2011, the 32Red casino picked numerous positive feedbacks from happy customers.

Now, the Kindred group will focus the same amount of time and effort on making the Unibet casino site the best it can be.

Surely some no deposit bonuses will be available to attract even more newcomers to register on the site.

The Kindred group allows for major payment solutions on its sites such as Neteller and PayPal so players can rest assured.

Since the new site will also be optimizing for mobile platforms, players can enjoy the Unibet casinos at all times.

Friendly customer service is also available 24/7 to make the experience even more pleasurable.

Overall, although 32Red casino enjoyed major popularity, the new casino site by Kindred group will at least regain its fame.