GTA is Back – Diamonds are Generous

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After what it seems like a lifetime of waiting, GTA finally returns the diamonds as an optional reward for completing the casino heist.

GTA is Back – Diamonds are Generous

If getting money out of online casino sites was easy as claiming cash and diamonds reward in GTA, every player would profit.

Now with upgraded features and occasional diamond find after the heist, GTA returns the glory to casino game lovers’ favorite mission.

 How to find diamonds?

GTA has always attracted numerous players based on its real life-like gameplay. The game comes with so many impressively-designed missions and every update carries a reward on its own.

There are multiple activities that a player can do in the game to resemble real-life activities.

Of course, many segments of the game are purely fictional-based, therefore preventing the players to conduct such activities in life.

However, one must say that even those things we normally wouldn’t do in reality bring a smile on our faces when playing GTA.

The whole game is all about making money and one of such missions, where large amounts of money are in play, is the casino heist.

Previously-issued patches didn’t include the diamonds as an optional reward for completing this mission.

Although we had such a possibility in the past, the diamonds were excluded in the latest few patches.

With the latest available patch coming from Tez2, however, the diamonds are back and GTA casino heist finally improves.

There is a regular chance of finding somewhat close to £2.1 million but now the diamonds offer considerably more.

GTA – Benefits of Claiming the Diamonds

There are many benefits of claiming these precious stones, the biggest of which being able to earn much more money.

The Rockstar made it so that players getting too rich can’t always find the diamonds. Moreover, players in need of money can risk and try the mission after the latest patch addition.
Some of these players should be able to find the diamonds and raise their profit.

Everything is ready in a way of preventing huge differences among player’s funding.

Now, with irresistible reward in the offer, there is no doubt that GTA 5 players will hunt for the diamonds in the casino heist mission.

As much as the diamonds change the game for some players awarding them more money. Additional changes have been made too.

With the latest patch available, GTA does a great job of refreshing the game. Several new vehicles are available with the latest addition.

Most popular among the new cars are Stirling GT, Rapid GT Classic, Infernus Classic, and Swinger.

D10 is ready for use as a new podium vehicle while there is 40%off all bunkers and renovations.

If the diamonds seem attractive to you, wait no more and join the new GTA profitable mission.

All the latest additions have made the game much more player-convenient as now players low on budget can raise funds.

One of the all-time favorite games can only get better and better with every new patch installment as the diamonds await for players.