BlueRibbon Teams up with Pragmatic over Players Commitment

October 20, 2020 Posted in News, Payments, Slots by No Comments

A game-changing agreement has been signed by BlueRibbon and Pragmatic Play to strengthen market positions.

BlueRibbon pragmatic play


Pragmatic Play, as a premium casino content provider, looks to further enhance its player commitment.

With the new Players Engagement tool developed by the BlueRibbon experts, Pragmatic Play can gain customer satisfaction.

To suit the needs of new slots sites, a new network of Pragmatic Play jackpots and prizes will be formed.

If you are into online gambling, reading about this news right on this page can benefit your gaming.

About the Players Engagement network

This invention of BlueRibbon truly steps up the whole online gambling concept.

The proprietary platform involved offers much more intense gaming sensations. From the anticipation of prizes to an increase in player loyalty, BlueRibbon accomplished it all. Now, Pragmatic Solutions, a sub-brand of the world-famous Pragmatic Play Company, implement this network on its platform.

Players can profit the most by participating in the mentioned jackpots network.

Online casinos using the Pragmatic Solutions technology will now be able to remain one step ahead of the entire competition.

Moreover, both brands have a lot to get by signing this partnership agreement, as it is full with potential.

The entire concept of this project is focusing on gaining on brand differentiation, and now both brands will surely stick out of the competition.

Possibly the biggest benefit here can be for BlueRibbon instead of Pragmatic Play. With the integration of their Players Engagement network, their work is easily available by a vast number of operators.

Pragmatic Solutions offer its services to countless online gambling sites, and the spread of their network this way is inevitable.

More on BlueRibbon Gaming

BlueRibbon Gaming is an innovative company dedicating to the development of out-of-the-box solutions.

The company offers several jackpot systems applicable to online gambling platforms with ease.

Furthermore, most of the jackpot solutions are customizable for one brand only, boosting the players’ loyalty.

With the latest Players Engagement tool, BlueRibbon outclassed its previous solutions.

What the company has to offer now is the valuable introduction of a fully-adjustable promotional ecosystem.

Online casino sites can suit the network to their needs, and offer something unique to their players.

As Pragmatic Solutions implemented this program, success is open as a vast number of sites will be able to access it.

Nevertheless, BlueRibbon carefully chooses its partners. The other side of the deal also has to be under development on changing the game into the favor of two companies.

Pragmatic Play realized the potential on time, so BlueRibbon can now brag about being a significant business partner.

Ultimately, this news truly has the potential to change the way that current online gambling functions.

Once casino sites begin to organize their jackpot games on all levels of the game, players won’t have to switch the casinos.

With impeccable promotional potential, BlueRibbon solutions can arrange everything from welcome bonus offers to glorious jackpots.

All in all, the further implementation of the Players Engagement software is something for players to look forward to.