Animals That Bring Good Luck

June 22, 2020 Posted in News by No Comments

The casino community has been with us for a long time.

And because of that, the sense fo stability was very much ended when playing to win.

Some people cheat, other people are just working hard to master the casein games.

But, there is a certain group of people that believes in superstitions.

And there is nothing wrong with that.

They choose to rest their faith in luck objects, colors, symbols, and even animals.

And sometimes, superstitions really do work.

That’s why they have stood the challenge of time and are still super popular in the casino world.

And because of that, we got you a list of the luckiest animals on this earth.

Maybe they will be fortunate for you, who knows? 


The classic dragons and the tales about them are like no other.

Maybe this is a mythical creature that may have never roamed the earth in the first place.

But, it still is counted as one of the luckiest and most magnificent creatures, both in the folklore and in real life.

The dragon as a lucky animal is the best known in Asia, but it’s quite popular in the Slavic countries as well.

It’s a symbol of mystical and peaceful energy, and you can see many people having dragons as their lucky charms, shirts, and keychains.



A typical example of this animal is one of the most fortunate ones is the easter bunny.

Rabbits have always been a sign of fertility dn good fortune, and that’s why you shouldn’t be skeptical about them.

People in the past were praying to see a rabbit after the long and dark winters because it was a sign of the hopeful spring.

Once they spotted it, they believed that the fortune and happiness were on its way. 


When a ladybug lands on your finger, shoulder, or leg, you immediately think that it’s a lucky day.

Well, you’re not wrong about this one!

Ladybugs are mainly known for bringing good fortune in Europe, but the other cultures are starting to recognize this as well.

Ladybugs have been very cherished in the past, and people were praying for ladybugs to land them on their crops and gardens.

It was believed that the whole year is going to be as smooth as ever. 


All around the world, these gigantic but soft and gentle creatures are meant to bring luck.

You may think ‘What do elephants have to do with this?

Since they dont seem as lucky.

But trust me, they are.

This superstition is mainly popular among the Buddhist and Hindu people, but many western countries are starting to recognize it as well.

They buy porcelain figures as a symbol of fortune, as well as lucky charms and all kinds of wearable chains.

The elephants are supposed to scare away the bad luck as well. 


For someone, this seems like nonsense and they aren’t believers of things like these.

But, for other people, these type of animals have saved their casino rounds (and their money as well).

So, whatever works for you is perfectly fine.

After all, the casino is a really diverse place where you can anything that you want!