Everything about the launch of the new Stakelogic Live Casino

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Stakelogic Live Casino

Probably every slot lover in the UK is already familiar with the Stakelogic slots, but the provider surprises with Stakelogic Live Casino. The newly-formed online casino offering consists of live dealing games exclusively published by Stakelogic.

It’s a new and interesting change for casino sites that offer the games portfolio from the provider. Now, the live dealing game enthusiasts in the UK will get to try something new in the field. At a first glance, the games seem quite professional and feature-packed.

So, join us as we investigate deeper into the subject of the new live casino editions from Stakelogic!

About the new Live Casino offer

As mentioned, Stakelogic now ventures into sections of the iGaming sphere they never explored before. The live casino titles are new for the successful provider of online slots. Still, it seems that the live casino titles feature the same quality.

The provider officials have stated that over 22 new games are added to make the release complete. The Stakelogic Live program is now very close to realization thanks to their experts in casino games. Aside from top-quality slots, they developed before, now the provider also has a live dealing offer.

The games included will feature Roulette releases, Blackjack titles, and even some unique variants. Perhaps we will get to witness the birth of games much like Monopoly Live or Dream Catcher from Evolution!

One of the main focus points of the provider is to keep the game’s production in-house. It’s essential for the Stakelogic team that the game choice is creatively and exclusively built by their experts. This way, the making of a brand that Stakelogic already is in online gaming is enhanced.

Visual Studio Aspects

One of the best things about the new Stakelogic Live project is that all the games are broadcasted from a live studio. The provider holds the rights to its official streaming studio located in Malta. This way, players will get an immersive experience like going to a real casino.

Not all providers decide to go from slots to providing the live dealing casino games. Mostly the providers of online slots focus on virtual casino releases rather than live dealing titles. Still, Stakelogic had the nerve to tackle the unknown and switch to completely another field.

The gambling sites in the UK that will include the Stakelogic Live portfolio will therefore get superb new games. Live dealers also make this project possible as Stakelogic has hired a complete lineup of experienced dealers.

Having an appealing layout and experienced dealers are crucial things for a good live casino offer. Since Stakelogic has ensured these factors, we can certainly hope for pleasurable games. The live feed from the Malta-based studio will also feature high resolution.

Players can hope to try the games in at least HD quality, possibly even 4K for a masterful experience.

Stakelogic keeps evolving with in-house titles

In-house production of live casino releases leaves an impression on the players. After working on some incredible slots online, the provider shifted to live casino games. It makes a great difference since the provider didn’t plan on partnering up with live casino providers.

Instead, they decided to make an original choice of live-dealing games that suits all players. In-house developed slot games brought fame to the provider thanks to the innovative solutions. Now, there is another chance for Stakelogic to prove its quality.

With the release of Stakelogic Live, the provider officially takes one more step towards the top of the market.

Types of Stakelogic Live games

As we have still yet to discover the new Stakelogic Live games portfolio, nothing is certain about the game offers. However, based on the statements from inside the company, some releases are ensured.

These are the live games waiting for the UK players from Stakelogic:

  • Live Roulette
  • Auto Roulette
  • Live Blackjack
  • Live Poker
  • Specific Live Casino games

The provider was rather mysterious with the latest announcement that there will be some unique games. We have already been able to witness a similar game selection from Evolution Gaming.

Some of their games are not based on the existing live casino titles. That’s probably what the Stakelogic is hoping to accomplish, considering the popularity of recent Evolution titles.

Games with mixed live casino elements are especially exciting for the UK players in 2021. So, hopefully, we get more such releases by the end of the year.

More on Stakelogic Slots

Stakelogic slots supported the creation of the Stakelogic Live section of live dealer games. Not only did the slots generate income, but they also made Stakelogic recognizable as a quality provider.

Besides a specific, somewhat a cartoonish design, the games also feature incredible action features. Bonuses and special features of the games made the releases stand out from the competition. This helped put a recognizable mark on the whole brand.

Games like Dragons and Magic or Book of Adventure Super stakes are the best instances. Besides these slots, there are dozens of others developed by the provider. All in all, if the live games turn out to be similar to Stakelogic slots, players have nothing to worry about.

Stakelogic Live – Mobile Optimization

The new Stakelogic live casino offer is also optimized for mobile platforms. The customer support is there to provide all the assistance to players at all times.

Both Android and iOS users will be able to access Stakelogic Live from any device. With the convenience of playing from home comfort and licensed software, Stakelogic Live is a perfect choice.

Final thoughts

We surely hope that this guide will help you establish a better connection with Stakelogic live games. The upcoming games selection comes with so many exciting games, it makes the tension unbearable.

In the meantime, you can try some of the existing Stakelogic slots to get used to the provider’s gameplay aspects. By doing so, you make sure you’re preparing once the Stakelogic Live becomes available for UK players.