Complete Guide on Live Dealer Games with Highest return ratio

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Live Dealer Games with Highest return ratio

Frequent visitors of the UK casino sites have surely bumped into various live dealer games in the generous offer. Even if you are just a beginner, there are some aspects of live dealer games that can benefit your play.

Just like in regular casinos, online sites also feature some live casino games that are more profitable than others. Such releases still make the best option in 2021 as live dealer games with the highest return ratio. To help you out with the choice of games with the highest winning potential, we are here to drop all the details!

Consider the games with a High RTP rating

Although live dealer games with the highest RTP don’t necessarily guarantee the highest return on your bet, they are a safe option. High RTP means that you will be able to get frequent returns throughout the play.

When the smaller wins accumulate, games with high return to player ratings can payout considerably. You can also count on some big wins with these games, like with the online Blackjack variants with 99% RTP.

Still, the online Blackjack variants are mostly equipped with the highest RTP among live dealer games. Nevertheless, there are other types of live casino releases that come with similar high-frequency payouts.

It is therefore significant to check the RTP value of the games before making the final decision. Besides the games with the highest RTP, we will also mention several games that offer lower RTP, but higher wins.

The winning potential of the game is the remaining crucial factor in ensuring the highest returns on live dealer games. You can easily find this value in the help section that all online providers include in live casino games.

Best Options of Live Dealer Games with highest return ratio

Facts can help a lot in the pursuit of quality live dealer games with the highest return for the online market. Aside from absolute facts like the RTP and winning potential, there are other details to have in mind with the choice.

Some live dealer games just offer more betting options with greater return odds than the others. If you plan on making a safe move here, these games are a logical option to go with. However, another thing to count on is the exact version of the game.

As online casino games providers sometimes design several variants of each game type, we will cover the best ones!

Online Live Blackjack games

Blackjack is the king of online live dealer games with the highest RTP without any doubt. You can find several variants of the game that offer an RTP of 99% or even slightly higher. Also, the base game will suit newcomers to live dealer games for the online casino’s field.

Smaller payouts can be won with a Blackjack and side bets spice it all up with higher return bets. These are the best versions of online Live Blackjack games for the highest wins:

  • Infinite Blackjack
  • Power Blackjack
  • Quantum Blackjack
  • Free Bet Blackjack

Having an option to get a free double bet or split bet in a round of online Blackjack is priceless. You can profit from these exotic types of Live Blackjack with the side bets that offer win multipliers over x100!

Some of the best side bets to go within these games are 21+3, Bust It, and Hot 3, while some variants offer even more. You can use the Power Blackjack by Evolution Gaming to get a bet raise even after splits or on initial cards.

The Quantum Blackjack for instance makes a great option because of its multiplier cards feature. Most of the new gambling sites in the UK offer these games as the pinnacle of online Blackjack games choice.

Live Online Poker games with the highest return

When it comes to online Poker live dealer games, the high return can be ensured through base game wins. Depending on your best hand value, you can score high wins in online Poker against other players or the dealer.

You essentially need hands like Straight Flush, Royal Flush, or Full House to get high returns in online Poker. However, some exciting releases even include Jackpots and payouts over x100! Side bets can also make the difference here, as some bets like Pair of Aces or similar ensure high wins.

These are the online Poker games with the highest return ratio you can find on UK sites:

  • Ultimate Texas Hold’em
  • Casino Hold’em
  • Jumbo 7 Jackpot Poker
  • Caribbean Stud Progressive Jackpot Poker

Boosted Versions of Live Baccarat

Regular versions of Live Baccarat for online play maybe can’t fit among the highest return live dealer games. Luckily for all the live dealer game enthusiasts, in 2021 we have a plethora of specific game variants.

One of such games is the Lightning Baccarat developed by Evolution Gaming. This game brings us the standard online Baccarat payouts, only with higher rates thanks to the multipliers.

Multiplier values attached to some cards can greatly help in the making of the largest online Baccarat payouts. In a single game round, 5 cards can come with multiplier values included that range to x8.

There are also other exciting versions of online Live Baccarat that awards players with high returns. Some of these games are Baccarat Super 6 and Red Envelope Baccarat.

Lightning Roulette for Highest Wheel Game Return

Just after the Lightning Baccarat and multiplier games we’ve mentioned comes to the Lightning Roulette. The payout rate of this game is just incredible, considering the high multipliers included. Just like with the online Baccarat variant from Evolution, several Roulette numbers get multiplied.

If your bet counts for the multiplier, you can score much higher wins than just x35 for a single number bet. This makes the Lightning Roulette one of the best live dealer games with the highest return ratio on PayPal casinos.

Final Thoughts

Among the live dealer games on online casino sites, these are some of the most profitable ones. Alongside the high RTP of these games, many of the mentioned games feature the highest return ratios.

To get the most out of your bets on live casino sites, feel free to explore the games from our recommendation. Hopefully, you can use some of the games to ensure playing with the lowest chances to lose at least.