Lightning Roulette by Evolution – Revolutionary good Roulette

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There’s always something innovative about the live casino games by Evolution and Lightning Roulette is a perfect instance.

lightning roulette

A variety of new casinos constantly struggles to sign the content supply deal with Evolution over such games.

It’s surely no coincidence as Evolution is the only provider on the market capable of making such high-quality games.

Now, the Lightning Roulette makes a great choice for all wheel-game lovers. If you are also excited to try the latest Evolution Roulette game, continue reading for details.

About the Lightning Roulette game

The Lightning Roulette game is a one-of-a-kind Roulette variant for online play. Evolution invested significant time and efforts into making this game what it is today.

Nevertheless, the game seems pretty standard for a roulette game at first glance. The dealer will welcome players in Evolution’s live studio and request the bet placement.

Players can select all the standard bets for a round of a single-zero roulette.

Betting options vary from placing a single number bet with a 30 to 1 payout, to betting on double or triple chances.

The difference between Lightning Roulette and classic roulette game is that the single number bet pays 30 to 1 instead of 35 to 1.

However, the Lightning feature enables players to hit much higher wins while betting on a single number.

Still, the Lightning feature only affects single number bets, so players can bet on other options with a standard payout rate. For instance, players enjoying a round of Lightning Roulette on gambling sites in the UK can get 2 to 1 payout for color bets.

Moreover, high/low and odd/even bets also pay double of the stake, while column bets, street bets, and corners pay higher.

Players can also make use of the French bets including voisins, tiers, orphelins, and zero games.

The random Lightning feature

The main attraction of the Lightning Roulette game is its incredible and innovative Lightning feature.

Moreover, this feature can pay off significantly to players that enjoy placing bets on single numbers.

The feature is present during each spin of the wheel as it selects up to 5 random numbers. Afterward, the designated numbers are awarded multipliers ranging from x50 to x500.

Players can therefore multiply their win on the single number hit, in case they previously placed a bet on that exact number.

Unfortunately, the Lightning feature only works with single number bets, but it’s still a great boost.

The RNG will determine the random numbers with multipliers in each round of the Lightning Roulette.

The Lightning Roulette comes from the Immersive series of games by Evolution. These games feature fast-paced gameplay and this aspect is also visible in the Lightning Roulette game.

Multipliers are a great way to motivate players to join the game, but the visuals make it even better. Graphic effects are present during the determination of the random multipliers, so players can live up through intense experience.

The Lightning Roulette by Evolution is surely a revolutionary game that will bring joy to every player.