European Roulette by NetEnt – Enhanced Graphics

December 27, 2020 Posted in Games, Live Casino by No Comments

NetEnt recently released its premium variant of European Roulette for the new gambling sites and the loyal players.

European Roulette

This single-zero wheel game includes all the necessary roulette aspects with an enhanced visual experience.

The provider gave its best to make the European Roulette game appear as it does, so players are in for a unique treat.

A variety of betting options is included, the live video coverage is splendid and there are no crashes during the bet placement time.

If you are among the interested players to find out more about this impressive roulette variant, read on for the details.

Visual and gameplay aspects of European Roulette

Sharp graphics make the biggest change in this variant of roulette as NetEnt already released some amazing online roulette games.

Still, the European Roulette game comes with a thrill of its own, as this single-zero roulette has a lot to offer.

Gambling and Betting sites in the UK often include NetEnt titles, so European Roulette should be accessible to all players.

The visual thrill is enhanced in this version of NetEnt’s roulette, while the convenient game interface provides all sufficient options.

Gameplay speed is also swift to make room for as many rounds as possible in the betting time given.

There are several in-game buttons available as well. So, players can repeat or save the bet, double the bet or clear it.

Betting options of European Roulette

When it comes to wagering options in the European Roulette, all the standard and special bets are included.

Players can bet on a single number or a split, resulting in massive payouts of x35 or x17 of the bet respectively.

The street option allows players to bet on columns of 3 numbers, while the corner bet includes four numbers.

Players that take a lower risk can try the column bet that includes betting on one of the three columns of 12 numbers.

The dozen bet also includes 12 numbers. But, this time players would be betting on the 1st twelve, 2nd twelve, or 3rd twelve of numbers.

The European Roulette provides all the other betting options as well, including the French sectors.

Players can bet on the zero game, voisins du zero, tiers, and orphelins. Besides impressive visual aspects and a variety of betting options, European Roulette also comes with a great background soundtrack.

Players can switch between 5 soundtracks offered to recreate the sensation of playing roulette in a real casino.

Moreover, this variant of online roulette includes the special bets panel which includes all the favorite bets of a player.

European Roulette game takes into account all the bets played by a specific player and highlights the frequently played numbers.

Players can also claim the no deposit bonus by finding the most generous UK casino that offers European Roulette.

Ultimately, European Roulette is a great find from NetEnt, especially while having in mind the popularity of the single-zero roulette.