Responsible Gaming at 888 Casino

October 23, 2017 Posted in FAQ by No Comments

Apart from offering top notch gaming services, 888 Casino has also gone a step further to enact measures aimed at promoting responsible gambling. Going by their policies, they definitely understand that gambling addiction is a menace that has countered by well structured policies to prevent compulsive usage of their gaming products.

Measures taken by 888 Casino

Protection of Minors

To adhere to the UK Gambling act and Gibraltar Gambling Act, 888 Casino does not allow players under the age of 18 to participate in any of their casino games. To this end, they use cutting-edge verification systems to weed out minors who attempt to use their software.

Preventing compulsive gambling

Even though most people play casino games for fun, a number of players may become addicted to gaming courtesy of potentially high monetary gains. For this reason, 888 Casino has an in-house training program to equip their employees with necessary skills to identify underage gambling as well as compulsive gambling. They also have a program where players can voluntarily request customer support for cancellation of their membership. Additionally, players are allowed to set their own maximum allowed deposit limits which in case they are triggered; a player cannot deposit any more money in their gaming accounts.

If you are not sure of whether you are addicted to gambling, you can always use their self assessment test.

Self Limits

On top of the self-exclusion feature, 888 Casino also offers tools with which players can fluidly control money usage at the casino. For instance, a player is allowed to set deposit limits which can be achieved by contacting customer support. UK players can also use the Autoplay limits and game time reminder tools.

Game time reminder is a tool that keeps track of the time a player spends playing a specific casino game. You can use a game time reminder to ensure you don’t spend a lot of time playing casino games. Well, you obviously know autoplay automates gaming by playing the game for you for several rounds. Well, at 888 Casino, you can set the loss limit when using the autoplay feature. Meaning, when this limit is reached, autoplay automatically stops. In addition, you can also set the win limit.

Self exclusion

As mentioned earlier, 888 Casino allows players to request cancellation of their membership. To top it off, players can also opt out of promotional materials if they feel that the materials are encouraging them to play more. Players can opt to take a break from the promotional materials for a specific number of days. For instance, a player can take a 1 day break, 7 day break or even a one month break. There is no maximum number of days for the self exclusion program but it is all up to an individual player. Whenever a player uses the self exclusion feature, he/she can’t access gaming rooms or access may be restricted to requested brands only.