Deposit and Withdrawal at William Hill Casino

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To cater to a wide clientele base, William Hill offers multiple payment options. However, the number of payment options available at any instance is dependent on your country. For instance, William hill may accept specific credit cards from country A but refuse to accept credit cards from another country.

These are the options available for making a deposit and a withdrawal on William Hill platform:

Debit and credit cards

When it comes to making a deposit or a withdrawal, both domestic and international cards with visa are used and are accepted at William Hill. These may include but are not limited to; Master Cards, Diners as well as virtual cards from entropy.


E–wallet is a secure system that allows one to complete a purchase easily and quickly while at the same time storing payment information safely. Examples of an e-wallet widely used include; PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, web money just to name a few. Withdrawal time ranges between 1-3 days

Online banking

Online banking allows the banking activities via the internet using an online banking service portal.  If your bank supports this service, it’s the most convenient because the deposit and withdrawal limits are up to $100,000. Time scale is between 5-10 days.

Cash vouchers and prepaid cards

Prepaid cards allow one to deposit cash and use them for online payments; a voucher is generated that allows you to easily deposit into your William Hill’s gaming accoun . Examples of these prepaid cards are pay safe, todito cash, astropay and many others. Withdrawal time is between 5-10 days.

Reversing a Withdrawal

A reversal withdrawal is a cancellation of a withdrawal instruction when it is still pending and before funds can be debited from your casino account.

If a withdrawal request from a casino account has been made, but the withdrawal is still marked as “pending”, you can go back and click on reverse and all the withdrawn funds will revert back as if no withdrawal had been made.

Will reversing my withdrawal affect my deposit limit?

The answer is no, because your deposit limits allows you to set your daily, weekly and monthly limits


What is the time scale for reversing withdrawals?

You can reverse your withdrawal within 6 hours of requesting.

Why can’t I choose how I withdraw my money?

As a security precaution, measures have been put in place to return funds back into the payment method that is linked to your account.

This is applicable when only one method is linked to your account, however, if you are unable to withdraw using the same method; the casino will use a bank transfer as their preferred option and request for identification documents to process the withdrawal.

For this reason, it is recommended that you do away with payment methods that are not in use. Keep credit and debit cards up to date, and have three or less payment methods linked to your account.

How can I deposit and withdraw by bank transfer?

A bank transfer allows one to send funds from one bank account to another  anywhere in the world, a form will be provided by your local bank to facilitate the transfer, be sure to include you casino account details for reference and to speed up the crediting process.

All currencies are acceptable, while turnaround time is between 1-5 days .However, the cost of the transfer may vary, so contact your bank on the same.

Can I opt out of being allowed to reverse a withdrawal?

Yes, you can by contacting the customer service who will in turn put a restriction on the account concerning all reversal withdrawals.