Triple Rush Feature is unlocked on Taking 5 Slot by Gamomat

February 6, 2021 Posted in Free Spins, Slots, Software by No Comments

The Take 5 Slot by Gamomat is one of the first slot titles on the market to utilize the astonishing Triple Rush Feature!

Triple Rush Feature

Players will love the thrill of using this feature on Gamomat slots as it makes its debut on the Take 5 game.

New casinos in the UK will certainly make haste to include the Triple Rush Feature slots in the offering.

It’s still uncertain if the feature will live up to the hopes of Gamomat experts and for now, the Take 5 slot will offer it exclusively.

About the innovative Triple Rush Feature

After the successful launch of the Double Rush feature, Gamomat experts decided to invent its successor.

As a result, we now have the Triple Rush Feature that will divide each spin into several spins.

Initially, Gamomat wanted to include a Double Rush feature in its games because of the new regulations in Germany.

Namely, as each spin is now supposed to take at least 5 seconds, Gamomat figured out a solution. The Double Rush feature allowed players to divide each spin into two spins that play out in 5 seconds.

Additionally, the wager placed on a single spin is still active once the spin separates into two spins.

This way, players get more of a thrill, while several spins are played with a single bet placed. On the other hand, each spin now lasts longer to suit the requirements of the regulated markets.

It’s all very similar to Double Rush when it comes to the newly-introduced Triple Rush Feature.

Benefits of the Triple Rush Feature

With the Triple Rush Feature, players can only gain a better gaming experience. Namely, the bet placed is fixed on £1 as three consecutive spins play out like one.

The total winnings from the three spins are then calculated into one total win that’s added to players’ bankrolls.

Furthermore, gambling sites can profit from the feature in more ways than just one. While using the Triple Rush Feature, players will respect all the regulations added for the German market.

Moreover, the RTP of the game remains unchanged as players face a choice whether to make use of the feature.

The Triple Rush Feature functions impeccably on the Take 5 slot in combination with other Gamomat features.

The win repeater feature is also there in the Take 5 slot to make things more interesting. This feature activates once players fill the screen with matching symbols.

Somewhat of a wheel bonus game is then played to determine if players can win the matching prize twice. Moreover, the prize can be won up to 5 times if the wheel spins are lucky.

Gamomat truly managed to raise the experience provided for players with the invention of these new features.

The Triple Rush Feature will certainly enjoy great popularity with UK players and on the European market.

We’ll only have to wait and see if Gamomat will include this option in some of its other hit slot titles.