Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt – Latest Live Casino release from Evolution

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One of the most exciting live dealing releases to play in 2021 is Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt from Evolution Gaming. Being based on the famous slot hit from NetEnt and Red Tiger Gaming, the latest release features the beloved hero.

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt

Gonzo returns for a new adventure after being the main character of Gonzo’s Quest slot. Major casino sites in the UK now include the game in their portfolios because of its appeal. Still, Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt features some unique gameplay aspects you should know of before play.

About the new live casino release

Evolution never disappoints with the new live casino releases and the same goes for this title. The Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt game is an exciting release that focuses on the slot game from NetEnt. It involves the protagonist of the slot and even some resemblance in the play.

The Gonzo’s Quest is surely one of the favorite slots online you could play at online casinos. That raises the excitement of the live dealing casino game even more.

The presence of the live dealer will enhance your in-game thrill additionally combined with great betting options. The main layout of the game includes Gonzo himself and the pleasant dealer from Evolution’s studios.

The board with 70 stone symbols in the center of the game focus as you can pick the stones for great wins. Multipliers and high wins can be achieved easily with the right choice of the symbol and a decent dose of luck.

Visuals of the game are stunning as you can select the virtual reality mode as the first in the field. If you think that the graphics make the game so great, just wait until you hear of the gameplay details!

Main Gameplay details of Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt

There are several aspects of Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt gameplay that make the game so valuable. UK players can be satisfied with all the efforts invested by Evolution’s experts when making the game. Here are some of the main traits to look for in the newly-released live casino game:

  • Choice of picks
  • Number of picks per game round
  • Intense gameplay visuals
  • The treasure hunt
  • The prize drop

Everything takes place swiftly in just a few minutes which makes things even spicier. First off, the players should make a detailed choice of their picks. The grid supports over 70 symbols, so it’s important to make clever picks.

After the choice of stone symbols, you place the number of bets accordant to the number of picks. The more stones you pick, the higher your betting amount will be. Afterward, the betting round finishes and the play starts.

The stone symbols will display results after the play round and the bet multipliers help raise the winnings. After one play round finishes, you can get ready for the next one right after the prize drop.

About the Treasure Hunt aspect

One of the most intense aspects of Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt game is the treasure hunt part of the play. If you are frequently visiting gambling sites in the UK, you will be able to experience this part. After the bet placement aspect of the game, the treasure hunt begins.

The prize values are shuffled on the board as the shift occurs after placing the bets. Therefore, you can never know the value that each stone holds within. Based on your number of picks, you have the chance to select the shuffled stones for maximum wins.

Every player gets to live through a unique experience as the gameplay differs for every player individually. The treasure hunt part of the game makes Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt release so unique in the iGaming world.

The round is followed by a prize drop aspect that determines your final round prize. Choosing the virtual reality game type and using the VR accessories for the game makes it even more jaw-dropping.

The Prize Drop

As much as it’s exciting to go through the treasure hunt part, the prize drop spices the game up. Namely, players are always in for a special delight in terms of the surprising win values. The prize drop occurs after the treasure hunt to bring you the bonus values.

Boosting the wins through this game segment is crucial for the gameplay experience. On top of the grid with stone symbols, the golden keys are given by Gonzo. Afterward, if the win value stone has a hole in it, the prize will drop into it.

The boost is then activated to enhance your winnings for each stone. Bonus prizes will give you additional wins, while the prize multipliers can multiply your win from x2 to x10. The re-drop can also boost your game results even further.

This game aspect makes Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt unique as each stone symbol can give you more than one prize per game. Every round comes with exciting mechanics that intensively make the player participate. Ultimately, the game makes more than a decent continuation of Evolution’s live games series.

After releases like Monopoly Live and Dream Catcher, Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt follows the superb experience.

Final Thoughts on the Game

From the moment where you are requested to place bets, to the final point of the game round, the game seems stellar. Not only does it provide sufficient in-game aspects to make the play exciting, but it’s also visually appealing.

The virtual reality addition only makes things interesting for those that enjoy VR casinos. On the other hand, regular online players will also find the game suitable for live dealing action.

Besides the all-time classics of the live casino industry, games like this make the online casino field stand out. There’s no game similar to Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt in person, making it exclusively an online live game variant.