Ring the Bells Slot Review – Play’n GO

Ring the bells slots is a classically styled video slot game. It utilizes Play’n Go software to create some fun and unique gameplay options. The slot game is a progressive style game, which is a bonus to players. Progressive slots differ from most slot game. With most slot games the jackpot is fixed. In progressive slots, the jackpot amount rises as players engage in game play. A small percentage from each coin deposited into the reel will increase the jackpot payout.

Eight Ways To Win
Ring the bells slots gives players an ample amount of chances to win. The game features the iconic three-reel slot machines, that appear to be standard machines. The classic appearance of the slot game makes it look like other slots, but behind those iconic fruit icons, there are exciting prizes waiting on the other side.
Ring the Bells Slot Play'n GO Review Screenshot

The slot does not offer the standard one solitary pay-line option that other slots do. Players, are given 8 different ways that the symbols can match up to form a winning combination. The eight pay-lines can run horizontally, vertically, and diagonally. This provides a higher chance of winning when playing a game on the site.

Bonus Features
Ring the bells slots offers a variety of perks and bonuses to its users. There are three ways to win extra money when playing the slots. The bell mode, gold bar, and progressive jackpot. Not to mention, the free spins that can be obtained through landing the right combinations on one of the eight pay-lines.

Bell Mode
The bell mode feature can be triggered by landing five or more bell symbols on the reels at a time. The symbols do not need to make a line for this feature to be triggered. The bells can be scattered throughout the reels and the prize will still be awarded. There will be a series of bonuses that a player will receive when their reels show five bells, one is free spins and the other is cash.

Gold Bar
All eight pay-lines must be active to qualify for the gold bar bonuses. Whenever there are three or more piles of the gold bar showing on any one of the three reels the reward amount located on the top section of the gaming screen will increase. To win the amount, that the gold bars presence increases, players will need to match nine symbols on their reels with one of the classic symbols featured on the slot game. If a player can accomplish this feat, they will receive the reward for the gold bars, and win at least twenty-five times their total bet.

Progressive Jackpot
The progressive jackpot is one of the biggest prizes offered on Ring the bells slots. Players are eligible to compete for the jackpot by landing three or more gold rings on the three gaming reels when playing the variety of slots games offered by the site. The number of rings matched on the reels will determine what a player will be eligible to play to win.

Players who have revealed three gold rings will get a chance to spin the bronze wheel of fortune. This wheel gives players the chance of winning a cash prize, or move on to spin the silver wheel. To get an opportunity to spin the silver wheel, a player must match four gold rings on their reels.

Players that match four gold rings can play the silver wheel. The silver wheel gives a player the chance to compete for the Tasty Jackpot or the Luxury Jackpot. They can refuse to spin the wheel, and move onto the gold wheel if they prefer.

The gold wheel is unlocked when a player matches five gold rings on their reels. This reel presents many prize opportunities. Players can spin the wheel of fortune for a chance to win the Tasty Jackpot, Luxury Jackpot, or Dream Chance Jackpot.

Ring the bells slots is a progressive virtual slot machine game. It provides bonuses to players, and the opportunity to win some extra cash. The site has a classic slot game appearance, emulating slot games from the 1950’s. The money that can be won playing the slots featured, is what draws players to this exciting game.

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