The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises Slot

The Dark Knight Rises online slot game provides players with an intense sense of DC Comic’s superhero power. With character representations from one of the trio of box office success motion pictures, players will be fascinated by the realism of the imagery, as well as the incentive of big winners. Online slot enthusiasts can now enjoy the fun and excitement of online slots, all while playing the part of a superhero.

Hero vs. Villain

Microgaming is one of the oldest and most respected game developers and they have hit another home run with The Dark Knight Rises. Minimum wage is £3 with 243 different ways to produce a winner. Players also have the chance to balloon the potential payout with a £15 maximum wager. Most of the higher end yields are going to come when players pick the Dark Knight’s options and multiplier stages, but they also have a chance to take the side of the villain, Bane.


The Dark Knight Rises


Players can build up spins and add multipliers from exciting fight scenes. The graphic quality of these fights between Batman and Bane is truly intense. It incorporates a realistic euphoria as if the players are actually the Dark Knight, battling hand to hand against his evil nemesis. Winning the fights will produce extra spins and increased multipliers, raising the stakes for subsequent spins.


The fight stages randomly pop up, but they can be accumulated as the game progresses. Smart players will horde these free opportunities and wait for the right moment to unleash them all. When a large number of multipliers and freebies are collected at lower betting levels, savvy players will ramp up the amount of their bets to significantly take advantage of these rewards, but at a much higher payout level.


Expanding Wilds and Scrambling


Good players will pay close attention to the Expanding Wilds and Scramble Symbols. When scrambled into the best winning combinations, players will generate what are referred to as Expanded Wilds.


These accumulate, and if played intelligently can turn into more freebies, gradually building the pot. There are only a couple of viable symbols that produce the right combinations to earn big, but the way they are strategically placed adds to the excitement of each spin.


Free Spins Bonus


Players will find it appealing that free bonus spins are triggered by the scattered bonuses. There will be 10 spins awarded, which can be played in two different game situations. This is where the players can choose to be the superhero, Batman, or play the part of the villain.


While most players seem inclined to play the part of the hero, Bane activates what is the rolling reels feature. When the series of symbols begins to roll over at just the right sequence, players begin to spin winner after winner.


Super Stacked Wilds and Extra Wild Blast


Once the free spin bonus is triggered 10 times, the Super Stacked Wilds are unlocked. This is the stage where the Dark Knight Rises logo becomes the wild and will create stacks on either reel 2, or reel 4. This is where the big winners start to post.


When players play the Batman option, they have a chance to ignite the Extra Wild Blast. This is an extra wild, which increases the chances of winning with every spin. The extra wild blast is followed by Heat Seeking Wilds, which starts with the next set of 10 Free Spin Bonuses.


Once players reach this stage, the middle reels can be transformed into wilds and then split. Every two that are split, add even more chances to win. Players build a six combination that eventually turns out to be double that of a normal five of a kind.


The Dark Knight can appear like a complicated slot game, but if players are patient and steady, they can amass big winners. The idea is to take advantage of the Fight Mode feature to produce as many chances to spin free and add bonuses.
Players always need to be ready for the fight scenes between Batman and Bane, because this is where the free spins can turn into multiple chances for winners. They never want to be too anxious with using up these freebies, since the idea is to twirl them into big money when given the opportunity. It’s a super exciting game as slots go, plus it adds the flare of the superhero vs. the villain.

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