Wonky Wabbits Slot Review

Having Crazy Fun With Wonky Wabbits Slots
Feeling a little crazy for some adorable rabbits? This game could make any adult feel like they have turned back into their cartoon-watching ten-year-old self. Wonky Wabbits is set in a vegetable garden, where the hungry rabbits are hopping around, awaiting the time for the wilds to show up on the reel. The stars of this game are the super adorable, rabbits with the huge blue eyes and they sure know how to show the players how to have fun in this five reel, 15 pay line game.

The garden scene, which is by far, probably the coolest out there, looks as though it was sewn from some fabric. The main feature of this game is the wild duplication one, that allows the winnings that the player gets to multiply, sort of like those crazy wabbits. This game is, of course, compatible with Mac, Linux and Windows operating systems. Which means that these little rabbits can follow players everywhere that they want to go.

Wonky Wabbits

The creators of this game certainly knew how to turn a few heads, making the background look as though it were handmade using the scraps of some material that is brightly coloured. This background even comes featuring a landscape that has rolling green hills that are all marked with garden row lines, and having carrots that are rising half-way out of the ground, surrounded by gray mountains that are placed in the distance and having a sky made of deep blue that is spotted with clouds that look as though they were made out of cotton.

Players will probably begin to notice that the Q, J, 10, A and K are the symbols of lower value, and are made using an animation that makes them look like they are made of bright colours of material that is stitched together in a rough manner. Players will also notice that the symbols of higher value are represented by a wide variety of veggies, which are designed in the same theme that the rest of the symbols are, the hand-sewn way. Of course, the biggest value veggie that a player can get is the large carrot, next in value is the red tomato, followed by the corn, then the broccoli and finally the lowest value in the veggies is the eggplant which has been shaded in the colour of purple.

During the game, players will be able to listen to a cartoonish, energetic song that is playing in the background. This song is sure to make players feel like having some Wonky fun. To top it off, players will be able to hear some cheerful songs that play every time that they can get together a winning combination, and sometimes that players will be able to see the symbols exploding, creating a blast of confetti which is very colourful.

Even though this fun-filled game is full of graphics, sound effects and animations that are impressive, the game is certainly one of the most simple to play from the NetEnt slots series. Players will probably notice that the game only has one wild symbol, and no scatter or free spins, yes the free spins bonus being missing does suck, however, the chance of a player winning big can come from them getting many different wilds loaded up on one screen. The wins that are featured in this game pay right to left as well as also paying from left to right.

Unfortunately, with simplicity comes sacrifice. Meaning that in this game, there is no bonus game. Even though it probably would have been a fun game if they did have one, given the theme of the game. Players will be excited when they catch in their vision a purple dotted symbol that has the word wild embroidered on it in color yellow, the more a player sees, the better with these symbols. When a player does notice a wild symbol popping onto the reels, it is duplicated automatically into the spot the makes the highest win that the player can get on that spin. If a player can land on two wilds, this means that two extra wild symbols are going to show up, and so on. Also, reels two and four will bring much joy to players, because of the player’s ability to obtain two stacked wilds, which will mean the maximum number of 14 wilds will be able to be the players after the wild duplication bonus feature has happened in the game.

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