The Wish Master Slot Review

The Wish Master Slot
A Review of The Wish Master Slot and More

This is a new game. It is from the Net Entertainment company. Those who already play games put out by them will have some idea of what to expect. The themes for this game involved legends and tales from Arabia.

This game has about five reels and 25 pay lines. The fun takes place in a cave which is lit rather dimly. The bottom of the screen has this kind of cool looking lamp. There is background music that takes you to a place you have never been before. It sort of reminiscent of Aladin.

The basics

There are eight symbols. The cards are Ace through jack. There are four animals, all of whom have a gem with them. The lamp serves as a scatter symbol. The word “wild” is engulfed in heavy flames. This acts as the wild card. Those who have played these games before know how important these two are to the game.

The Wish Master screenshot

The bonus stuff

This is where it gets good. This is where players can find the free spins and all the bonus goodies players like.

Here is where the scatter features are discussed. There is only one big bonus game. It happens when a player lands the magic lamp anywhere on the reels. This will result in things like free spins. Some may think this is going to be easy. Make no mistake it is not easy. Think of scoring this round as going from a basic view of the game to a more advanced level.

Extra Wild– This mask comes in either brown or purple. It will become wild once a player hits this level.

The Wild Reel– One reel is going to go wild. This will happen during the last spin. This feature is here to help a player get to the next round. It will appear on the same line as the scatter symbol. This is how a player knows they are on the right track.

There are moments when the entire line will expand to wild. Watch out for this one. This feature is also here to help. There are multipliers. This is when all wins get extended to a “wild card” by 2 to 3 times the amount. Players who hit both will get an expansion of 6 times the amount. This is one of the rarities, but it does happen.
There is also the random wild. This is when there are two in a line.

Here is a hint for this game. Every time a player lands on a scatter symbol they end up getting more spins. Hitting the scatter symbol will also give players another feature to use. Players can have up to 3 elements active during a game.

Some helpful tips

Players who have fixed pay lines are going to be disappointed. This means there is not much happening in the way of other player activity. In general, there is not much going on. It can get boring during this time. Things will improve once a player advances to the next level and is out of the fixed pay line. Keep the music playing, though. It may be the only thing that gets a person through.

The best thing advice to offer with this game is the listed below.

1) Play this game for fun. This is a game. It is not to be taken too seriously.

2) there may be a few progressive slots once a player gets to the more advanced levels. Try to avoid them. These only offer life-changing wins. Some players are not up to being disappointed. This is why it is better to avoid them.

3) Never use the “rent” money with this game. Some players end up winning big with this game. It can be a temptation. Try to avoid it. Money management is key for any Net Entertainment game.

What is the verdict on this game?

It is not the most action-packed. It is better players know this upfront. This game is for those who are looking for a big win. This game will offer the big wins and then some. The wins do not come often, but when it rains, it pours. It is good for a game. It is comparable to Evolution and Halls of God. Players will not see any action until the Wish Master feature comes up. Give it a try. Players who like the other two will get into this one.

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