Troll Hunters Slot Review – Play’n GO

Play’n Go developed an intriguing adventure into the world of mythical with Troll Hunters. Troll Hunters is not new to the mobile casino world but has recently removed the exclusivity tag making it available on multiple casinos. Players explore the mountainous abodes of these captivating creatures of legend, searching for their stash of treasure along with a bevvy of voluptuous vixens.

Visually Vibrant

Troll Hunters uses a five by five grid design, shifting around to the various places the trolls like to live. Each of these places may house a host of troll treasures. Players can take on the image of three scantily clad female warriors, each entrusted with hunting down the troll’s booty. Finding a little meat left on the bone by the trolls, or a skull cap overflowing with a belly full of grog, keeps a smile on player’s faces as they trudge through this world of trolls.

Troll Hunters Slot Play'n GO Review Screenshot

Winning at Troll Hunters

The five by five configuration is a little different from the standard 3-reel slot layout. This is a neat feature, which Troll Hunters uses to add spice to the experience. The square shaped symbols will stack on top of one another, which adds to the number of winning combinations. When three symbols are landed either horizontally or vertically, players produce a winner.

If the symbols land three in a series row, the middle symbol will magically turn into a golden wild. The two symbols on either side will disappear and be replaced by the symbols just above. As these rows drop down matching the wild symbol will boost bonuses and begin to add to the multiplier count. In essence, one spin can start a chain reaction of multiple wins, while racking up bonuses in rapid succession.

Once all the symbols disappear, the reels reevaluate to see if there are any additional winners and payments are loaded into the winner’s pot. Multipliers add up, and players can prepare the next challenge to chase the troll’s treasure.

Troll Hunter Bonuses

Bonuses are vastly different in Troll Hunters than in standard mobile slot games. Before each symbol falls into position, the background will turn blank and display the words ‘BONUS’ behind the series of five grids. As these symbols disappear after each win, the word begins to reappear one piece at a time.

Once all the rows display, the three female warriors will show up primed to chase down the trolls. While in this round, players earn a winner by landing five or more symbols anywhere on the grid. It is much like the scatter symbol, but bonuses produce both in the free rounds and during the bonus spins.

Players can trigger a repetitive series of big winnings with a single spin. There can be as many as 20 free drops, which lead to huge payouts. These do not happen all too often, but when they do, the jackpots are enormous. Splitting the game into two different rounds gives players two separate pay tables to earn bonuses.

Troll Hunter Strategy

The strange way the game applies increased payouts leads to a rather unusual series of winning lines. Betting strategy is important to keep in mind since the scatter line concept is used to place the bonuses. However, when the right combination of symbols aligns, players need to be ready to bump the betting line, plus take advantage of any collected free spins.
When the three Nordic Lasses join forces, which is the time to ramp up the wagers. Keep a keen eye for the situations where the blonde warrior takes the lead. She pays out slightly higher than either the red head or the bodacious brunette. Players need to watch for the wild symbol and combine that with the blonde warrior because if the grid nails 5 in a row, winnings multiply by 20 times the bet.
There are times when it may seem the trolls have made off with all their loot, but that is when the odds of bigger winnings can happen. Once a wild drop sequence appears, latch onto the blonde warrior and make use of any free spins during this extra round. It will be like spinning with house money using free turns.
Using high-quality graphics, Troll Hunters provides a realistic cartoon aura bringing the characters to life. The images are large and easy to follow, and the natural background noises give the illusion players in an enchanted world in search of hidden treasures. Troll Hunters blends a unique bonus structure with engaging visuals to keep players engaged until the next big winner hits.

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