William Hill Casino ❗£300 BONUS❗

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William Hill Casino offers high-quality games. Coupled with this it is easy to navigate the site, excellent customer support, and a great Welcome Bonus!

There are few gambling brands as well-known as the William Hill Casino. With a long history in the industry and an extensive amount of expertise, the company has placed a considerable amount of emphasis on its online offerings in recent years.

Naturally, this has led to the web-version of the casino being available for players to take advantage of. These have seen a considerable amount of popularity since being launched, although it’s led to many gamblers debating whether it’s the right online casino for them.

There are a few things that gamblers should want to know about the William Hill Casino.


About The William Hill Casino

The William Hill Casino offers quite an impressive look when first visited, with the website being well designed and quite easy to navigate. Much of this can be because of the company’s rich history in the industry, with this informing much of the layout.

This should be enough to impress a large variety of gamblers, which is enhanced by the wide variety of games on offer. As such, the majority of players should be enticed enough to sign up for the site.

History And Background At William Hill Casino

William Hill was founded in 1934, with this being started as an illegal operation. Since then, the firm has continued to grow as gambling was made increasingly legal. In 1998, the firm expanded into the digital world with the release of its website. As a result, it has a large amount of experience drawing in and satisfying online players.

Licenses At William Hill Casino

Licenses are something that every gambler should look for when signing up for an online casino. William Hill Casino is regulated and licensed by the Gibraltar Gambling Commission and UKGC, which should mean that players from across the globe should be able to use the site. As such, there shouldn’t be many limitations for players, regardless of where they are.

Awards And Prizes At William Hill Casino

Awards are an area that many players might look for when considering an online casino. Luckily, this is an area where William Hill Casino shines, as it’s won a significant number of them during its history. These have been spread across a variety of areas, including its customer service, the quality of games, and much more. This means that players will be able to utilize a world-class service.

Main Focus At William Hill Casino

Many casinos focus on different things with their websites, with most of this seen on specific games and categories. However, William Hill Casino doesn’t seem to do so, with this meaning that it’s instead looked to keep every area as high-quality as possible. As a result, there are several areas where the online casino shines.


The Website At William Hill Casino


There doesn’t seem to be a central theme with William Hill Casino’s website, although this may not be a bad thing. The main reason for this is that the site gives off quite a professional appearance, with the majority of this seemingly being based on giving players a satisfying experience. As such, it could be a much more appealing option for a considerable number of people.

How To Navigate

Navigating through the William Hill Casino website is as easy as players would expect. With the long history that the casino has, this shouldn’t be surprising, as it holds a lot of experience exceeding players’ standards. Everything is clearly labeled, so users shouldn’t need to worry when making their way around the site.


Online casinos need a lot of personal and sensitive information from their players, which is something that everybody wants to be protected. This isn’t a problem with the William Hill Casino, as it features an extensive amount of security, such as SSL encryption, and more. This should mean that all players’ information should be kept private and secure.

How To Sign Up At William Hill Casino

While signing up for an account with William Hill Casino may require more information from players, it should still be quite easy to do. New players will have to follow a few specific steps when signing up, such as:

  • Inputting their information, including date of birth, name, email, payment information, and more;
  • Confirming their email address and verifying their account;
  • Making their first deposit.

This should only take a few minutes to do, although potential players should have their information close when signing up.

Slot Softwares At William Hill Casino

There’s a considerable number of slot software suppliers for online casinos to take advantage of. William Hill Casino has gone with IGT and uses a significant amount of its software here. Coupled with this are a few other suppliers, including:

This should mean that players will have quite a large selection of gaming suppliers to choose from. These are all of quite a high quality, which should then have quite a large impact on the games that players can choose from.


Slots Selection At William Hill Casino


Amount Of Slots

There are various slot games to use at William Hill Casino, all of which are seen across both instant and download slots. Players should be able to choose between 250 slot games, which should mean that the majority of people being able to find ones that they’re already fans of.

Slot Games

There is quite a significant variety of slots to choose from, with these being spread across almost all types of the game, which is an advantage. As such, players should be able to find many of the games that they’re familiar with, as well as Wild Gambler, Football Rules, and more.

Live Casino At William Hill Casino

William Hill Casino’s live casino section is quite limited, although it’s as well designed as many people will expect. This should mean that players will find the section quite attractive, with everything being clearly laid out. As such, there shouldn’t be many distractions for when games are in play.

Live Casino Games

Many people would expect William Hill Casino to have a large selection of live casino games. However, this isn’t the case, as it has less than a dozen of them. While this is quite a limited number, it does mean that players can capitalize on a high-quality and well-designed section and quality service.

Live Casino Software

With how few live casino games that William Hill offers, there aren’t too many software suppliers either. However, the online casino does use some of the more well-known providers, which should mean that players can play various well-made games and slots.

Mobile Casino At William Hill Casino

The majority of online gamblers typically do so with a mobile device, which has quickly become the more popular way of betting. This is an area that William Hill Casino saw coming, with the company has released a mobile app several years ago.

The mobile app is as well designed as the website, which should mean that many players may not see a difference between the two versions. Quite a large amount of this is seen in the quality of games that players can utilize, with this seemingly not being limited on either version.

Mobile App Or Mobile Casino Games

The William Hill Casino app is much more high-quality than many of its alternatives, and offers access to the majority of the company’s games. There shouldn’t be any limitations on the mobile app, which should be quite advantageous to many players. Alongside this is the fact that it’s just as easy to navigate and use as the desktop version.

How To Download

The William Hill Casino app is quite easy to download, although several restrictions are in place. For example, players will need to have iOS 8.0 or later. Alongside this is the fact that players using either BlackBerry or Android devices shouldn’t be able to download the app. However, they should be able to play directly through the website.

Sportsbook At William Hill Casino

Sports betting has been at the center of William Hill Casino since it was first founded. As a result, it receives a significant amount of focus on the website. This should mean that players can use quite a comprehensive list of sports games to bet on. This should be much more in-depth than the majority of other online casinos.

Bonus Offers At William Hill Casino


Welcome Bonus

The welcome bonus on offer is an aspect that many players will look for when signing up for a casino. William Hill Casino outdoes many alternatives in this regard, offering up to £300 as a sign-up bonus for new players. While this depends on how much an initial deposit it, it’s still much more than many other options. As a result, many players should be attracted to it.

Other Bonuses

While many people may expect that William Hill Casino would offer a significant number of other bonuses, this apparently isn’t the case. Though there are a few occasional bonuses, these seem to be relatively few and far between. This could be a notable disadvantage for many players.

VIP Or Loyalty Rewards At William Hill Casino

There are a few VIP rewards available with William Hill Casino, although many of these are tied directly to specific games and leaderboards. As such, it could be challenging to take advantage of a significant number of winnings, although some players could see some rewards over time.

Bonus Terms At William Hill Casino

There are several important terms and conditions associated with the welcome bonus at William Hill Casino. One of the most notable here is that the bonus is split between each of the various sections on offer. This could mean that players may want to think about which games they’ll want to focus on when placing the deposit. Alongside this is the fact that the bonus is capped at £300.

Payment Methods At William Hill Casino

There is quite a variety of payment methods to use with William Hill Casino. Naturally, the commonly used methods are available, although there are several prominent extras, including:

  • Bank Transfer;
  • Western Union;
  • Credit/Debit Card;
  • Skrill;
  • QuickPay;
  • Cheque;
  • PayPal;
  • Ukash, and more.

This means that players shouldn’t have any difficulty finding a payment method that works for them.

Withdrawal Methods At William Hill Casino

While there’s a large number of deposit methods on offer here, there are relatively few withdrawal options at William Hill Casino. Some of these are:

  • Cheque;
  • Skrill;
  • PayPal;
  • Bank Transfer, and;
  • Credit/Debit Card, among others.

Naturally, this should mean that the majority of players will be able to find a withdrawal method that they already use, which should be a benefit.

Payment Terms At William Hill Casino

There doesn’t seem to be many terms and conditions associated with William Hill Casino’s payment terms. These mainly focus on the timeframe of payments and how players can take advantage of the welcome bonus. However, these are relatively standard, though they’re much less restrictive than players may find elsewhere.

Customer Support At William Hill Casino


How To Find Support And Communicate At William Hill Casino

Finding customer support on some websites could prove to be difficult, although it’s quite easy with William Hill Casino. With how easy to navigate the site is, players should find the support section without needing to look too hard, as it’s clearly labeled.

Live Chat At William Hill Casino

The live chat function at William Hill Casino is quite effective, with the casino receiving accolades for it. This is available 24/7, so players shouldn’t have any problem getting in touch with someone from the company.

About FAQ Section At William Hill Casino

While many players would expect a comprehensive FAQ with many online casinos, this doesn’t appear to be the case here. Though players will still be able to have their questions answered, this could be slightly more difficult than elsewhere.

The Pros Of William Hill Casino

Many reasons for why players should consider William Hill Casino are on offer, most of which is focused on its high-quality games. Coupled with this is easy to navigate the site, excellent customer support, and much more.

The Cons Of William Hill Casino

There are relatively few drawbacks to the online casino, with the only large one being that it may not be available in some countries. Alongside this is the fact that the live chat is only available in specific languages.


Many online casino players will find a significant number of reasons to play at William Hill Casino. As there are relatively few drawbacks, they should have a positive experience while also being able to play some well-designed and interesting games.


FAQ – William Hill Casino

When was Williamhill Casino founded?

William hill casino was established in the year 1998, since then it’s been regulated by the government of Gibraltar and licensed by the UK gambling commission. Above all, its VIP rewards program is 2nd to none in the Gaming business.

How can I deposit to Williamhill Casino?

To make a deposit at William Hill Casino, you must first be logged into your account, then click on the ‘cashier’ tab. choose the deposit method that you prefer to use; at this point, there is a bonus option attached to the deposit which you can choose to accept or decline. Fill out the relevant information and confirm the deposit. The deposit should instantly reflect on the account after processing.

How do I withdraw from Williamhill Casino?

To make a withdrawal you will have to submit a withdrawal request by logging into your casino account and clicking on ‘cashier’ then ‘withdraw’. A verification code will be sent to the email that was used when making the initial deposit. Enter the amount and the payment method to be paid out to. At this point a ‘waiting’ status message will reflect on the withdrawal, and if you wish, you can cancel the process and go back to playing with your balance still intact. The status then changes to ‘processing ‘and within 48 hours funds will be credited to your account. Verification documents will be requested on the first withdrawal mainly for security purpose.

What games can you play at Williamhill Casino?

At William Hill, you have a chance to play all your favorite games and even try your luck on a few new games such as; the god of the storms, legacy of the wild and many others. The games’ catalogue features multiple variants of blackjack, slots games, live casino games, card and table games like the baccarat, Sic Bo, craps and many more.

Does William Hill Casino have a Mobile App?

No, William Hill does not have a mobile app; in fact, you don’t have to download their casino software into your pc or mobile device to be able to play. However, the flash version allows you to play instantly via any browser, whether on mobile or desktop.

What bonuses does Williamhill Casino have?

Williamhill has a cocktail of bonuses for new and old members; new player 1st deposit bonus– which is at 100% up to £300. Buy-in with a minimum deposit of £10.

What free spins bonus does Williamhill Casino have?

The first deposit is sometimes accompanied by free spins. However, the winnings from the free spins are subject to 30x wagering requirement.

What wagering requirement applies to bonuses?

All bonuses must be wagered 30 times to qualify for a cash withdrawal.

What are the additional terms & conditions of the bonuses?

All Bonuses are valid for 7 days, and if the bonus cash has not been used within the said time frame; it is removed together with all winnings accrued. Additionally, roulette and blackjack games have additional wagering requirements compared to all other games.

What support options does William hill Casino offer?

Customer service support is available 24/7, and with the site having been translated into more than 12 languages, your issues are swiftly resolved via email, live chats or the phone.


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