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Top PayPal Casino No Deposit

PayPal Payment Provider – Deposit Using PayPal

Paypal is a system for online payments used to make mobile and online payments to e-shops, persons, and other online paysites. To operate a PayPal account, you will need to have an email address as well as a credit card or regular bank account that you can connect to your account.

Founded in San Jose, California, in 1998, PayPal Inc. is one of the pioneers of the online payment systems. In the year 2002, PayPal Inc was acquired by another online company called eBay, and in 2007 they officially obtained a European banking license. PayPal continues to grow rapidly and has over one hundred million users globally with a continuously growing amount of currencies and countries.

PayPal end users are never charged for transactions, making this one of their best features. The payment fees are always charged to the sellers.

In the year 2014 PayPal global users were over 230 million making it the largest and according to many users, the safest e-Wallet. eBay was announced to have separated from PayPal on 30.09.2014. PayPal now operates independently and is a publicly-traded company.

To make online payments, you need to have a “funding” account connected to your credit card or bank account. Payments are never made directly from your credit card or bank account, and so no sensitive financial details will be seen by the party receiving payments. For anyone who fears identity theft or personal data misuse, PayPal is a good choice.

A PayPal account enables you to receive online payments from other people, paysites, and online casinos as well. Money received on your PayPal account can be cashed out to the bank account or credit card connected to it, or even used to make other payments online.

Despite its success and popularity, there are still very few casinos that accept PayPal as a mode of payment. Being one of the safest and fastest online banking methods, it is likely that many more casinos will start accepting PayPal transactions soon.

PayPal How it Works

Registered PayPal users are identified by their email address. During registration, you need to have your banks IFSC from your branch. Credit card or bank information is entered on your profile after account registration.

Verifying your bank account
As a way of verifying account ownership and bank details, PayPal transfers one or two small amounts of cash to your account. Once you see the amounts in your bank account, you are supposed to go back to your PayPal and enter the amounts received. Correct entries of the values will ensure your PayPal bank/card is verified, enabling you to send or receive money.

Receiving payments
To receive payments, all you need to do is give the payer your PayPal registered email address which is all they will need to send your funds. There is always an email notification when funds are received on your account.

Money received from PayPal can either be kept online in the account or transferred to the credit card/bank. Before your money is transferred to your bank, PayPal deducts their transaction fees of 3.4%.

Sending money
If you want to send money, all you need is a PayPal ID of the person you are sending the money. Their PayPal needs to be verified.

PayPal at Online Casinos

Making deposits to online casinos via PayPal is very easy. To make a deposit, go to the payments page and select PayPal as the option to make your payment. After filling in the payment amounts you will be directed to a pop-up window where you can securely log in to your PayPal. You will then need to follow on-screen instructions to get the deposit processed.


PayPal withdrawals

Making withdrawals from an online casino works very much in the same way as when depositing. On the casino’s withdrawal page, select PayPal as your withdrawal method, fill the required details on the pop-up form and you will get the money in your account.


How secure are PayPal payments and withdrawals?

PayPal ensures that doing transactions on any Best PayPal Casino website is safe for you. You are never asked to disclose sensitive banking data when transacting. Since your debit or credit card is linked to the PayPal account, your details are stored securely by the company, and no such data is released online. In most cases, just and username and password are all you need to make deposits. Another advantage of this is the fact that it makes online payments a lot quicker and convenient.


Casinos accepting PayPal for Deposits

Picking the best PayPal casino would ensure that you feel safe each time you transact online. Here is a list of casinos currently accepting PayPal. You can choose which the best PayPal casino is for you.

• mFortune – On mFortune, there is a no deposit credit of £5, and you get a match
bonus of 100% on first deposits that are worth £10 – £100.
888casino – There is a PayPal slots abundance when you use this online casino.
Considering the £100 bonus on first deposit and no deposit bonus of £88, playing can
be really affordable. PayPal deposits are just one among the many payment methods.
• LadyLucks – With an impressive no deposit bonus of £20, LadyLuck is yet another
online casino that accepts PayPal. A welcome bonus of £100 is received after your
first deposit.
Some of the other online casinos that accept PayPal include 777 casino, 888 casino, mobile, PocketWin, among others.


There are many benefits of using PayPal as a payment method while playing at an online casino:
• There are no charges on payments made
• Immediate transfer of funds to the recipient’s PayPal account
• Your identity remains anonymous during transactions
• Easy to use and master
You may not discover too many of this while using PayPal to transact on online casinos, but some of the possible disadvantages are:
• Time consumed while registering new a new account.
• Still not widely used by online casinos
PayPal Alternatives, and Competitors
Apart from PayPayl, online casino players have other alternatives. When performing transactions on online casinos, you may want to consider some of the other e-wallet alternatives listed below.
• Skrill – Formally known as Moneybookers, Skrill is another e-wallet platform that
you can use on online casinos. It is however known not to have stringent security
• Paysafecard – This is an e-voucher service. You are required to buy a Paysafecard
from physical or digital vendors. The card will have a pin code with which you can
redeem for cash at online casinos which accept Paysafecard.
• Phone bill payments – This method is particularly popular among people who want to
transact on-the-go. The payment method is very quick, but only micropayments can be
• Neteller – More online gamblers are using Neteller than those using PayPal and
therefore it is a more preferred method of payment for online casinos. Neteller is
also known to be as secure as PayPal. It also implements fewer instructions.