Classic Mistakes To Avoid When Playing Slots That Increase Wins

August 8, 2019 Posted in News, Slots by No Comments

Slots separate themselves from other games of risk by focusing more on the risk. Table fare such as Blackjack, Poker, and Baccarat at least provide players a chance to use strategy. Unfortunately, slot wins are pure examples of luck. Statistically speaking, players will lose a lot more than they win.

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The enticement comes from the win. One good payout can make up all of a player’s losses. However, poor research and plain bad habits can increase the chances of losing by a wide margin. So despite slots having no opportunity for strategy, a player can still better their odds by avoiding classic mistakes. Here are some of the major blunders to avoid.

Look For High Variance Slots

Most online slot players are recreational gamblers. Avid gamers usually visit the table side of their virtual casino. Recreational players either avoid research or do a bare minimum. This causes many slot players to fall into the huge pitfall of high variance games. High variance games are the slots that carry huge payout potential due to bonus features. However, the more bonus features a slot tends to carry the fewer actual line payouts it has. High variance games do have the ability to award sizable wins, but they also eat up a player’s bankroll. 

Savvy gamers hit slots that have a higher win potential. Even if those wins are marginal it keeps players playing a lot longer than high variance. Smaller wins also add up to larger total payouts as low variance games do not burn through bankroll. This does not mean high varirance should be avoided. It just means they should not be only slot players use.

Overlook the Pay Table

Another pitfall poor research brings about is failure to familiarize the pay table. The pay table contains payout details for every combination in the game. It tell what symbols are more valuable, what matching four of five will do, what combination trigger bonuses, and what combinations provide free spins. This is valuable information as it can pinpoint slots with poor payouts. If the amount a slot can return is not worth the investment of a bet, then players can move on to machines with better odds. Sadly, as many players fail to do this they end up plunking money into a machine that will never return it.

Ignore the RTP

RTP stands for return-to-player. It is literally the percentage that tells players if they are more likely to win or lose. A high RTP means better chances for wins and a lower RTP means better chances for losses. Avid players use RTP to merit what machines are worth visiting as they will generate more profit from increased win potential. Players that ignore RTP run the risk of choosing a game with miserable win potential. As slots are pure risk the better the initial odds the better a player’s chance to walk away with some money.

Always Place the Maximum

The only real factor that comes close to strategy in slots is how a player wagers. Many slot players stumble in and bet only the maximum amount. This is bad because a maximum bet of $5 dollars will bleed through bankroll in a few spins. Combine that with poor choice in gaming, ignoring important factors like RTP, and playing only high variance players are basically giving their money away. It is important to be wise int h amount that is bet. The only time a maximum bet should be considered is on a progressive jackpot. Other than that the best strategy is to bet the minimum first and expand the stake if the slot generates favorable wins.