Responsible Gambling at Dunder Casino

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How do I know if I play too much?

Dunder casino is fully committed in enhancing responsible Gambling practices, and towards that end, here are a few indicators that point to the fact that your gambling habits may be sprawling out of control.

  • If you constantly play and spend more than your budget, then you need help.
  • If you constantly feel the need to play for larger amounts to attain excitement.
  • If you attempt to win back money you’ve previously lost thereby, losing even more in the process.
  • if you feel guilty about the amount of time and money you spend on gambling

How can I restrict my account?

To cure the above problems Dunder casino has put a few tools in place at their customers’ disposal.

Whether you are avoiding real-world problems or taking a break from reality, it is important to step away from your online life. This you can achieve by setting a play-time limit on your account, and in the end, it will allow you to enjoy your game for a limited time before being logged out.

Set a wagering limit – this will limit how much you can wager in a day, a week or a month; which must strictly be adhered to.

Set a loss limit- this is the upper limit that your losses may not be allowed to exceed within a given period of time in a day, a week or a month.

Set a deposit limit- whereby only a certain number of deposits can be made into your account within certain time frame, say day or a week or even a month

Lock your account- if you find that you can’t resist chasing the big win and your gambling is a problem; at Dunder Casino you can lock your account for as long as you need to. And remember to contact every other gambling site and lock all other accounts held with them as well.

 Why do I need to verify my account?  

Account verification is a requirement at Dunder casino; when making any withdrawal and especially the very first time. The purpose of this process is to filter out any under 18 players who may want to gamble as well as keeping a lid on fraudsters.

That being said, any player under the age of 18 years will have all their winnings forfeited and account closed.

To verify an account, supporting documents are required and they include a National id, passport, driving license, and a current utility bill.

How can I tell if someone close is struggling with gambling?             

Personal finances, if the individual starts borrowing more often without being able to pay back even with a good income, gambling may be the underlying reason.

Time- when more and more time is spent on gambling sites and other priorities seem to constantly take a back seat, this may indicate a problem.

Mood and behavior-a sudden change in personality where one easily gets irritable, showing signs of depression and mood swings,  they may choose to isolate themselves avoiding social activities altogether. This could be a sign that one is in over his head and may need help.

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