Loyalty Program at Vera & John Casino

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Any activity you do on the Vera & John casino website or app is rewarded through the loyalty program. Players are rewarded in form of coins, achievements, avatars and badges. The coins can be used on the Vera & John shop to buy bonuses such as free spins and spin credits. The loyalty program works in a way that the more coins you get the higher your membership level on the site.

How to get loyalty points at Vera & John


Different activities are rewarded differently. Some activities are rewarded once while others are rewarded continuously. Some of the activities that are rewarded once are; registering an account is awarded 5 coins, changing your user name is awarded 25 coins, verifying your account is awarded 200 coins, first, second and third deposits are awarded 50 coins, 25 coins and 50 coins respectively.


Ongoing activities that are rewarded repeatedly include logging in, rating a game, playing a game with cash, playing a game for the first time, inviting a friend, if your friend signs up and if your friend makes a deposit. There is a limit to how many times you can be rewarded for an ongoing activity. The limits are hourly, daily and monthly.


After earning your coins, you can spend them at the Vera & John casino. At the shop, you can buy bonuses and free spins at affordable prices. The only currency accepted at the shop are the loyalty program coins. Once in a while, the shop holds sales where you can buy bonuses at reduced prices. Some bonuses require that you make a deposit for them to be activated.


Badges are rewarded to indicate a player’s level in Vera & John casino. When you join the casino for the first time, you are at the level of a visitor. The more you play, you get to a higher level. Different badges at different levels unlock different privileges with higher levels offering more privileges. Every time you unlock a new badge, a new avatar automatically unlocks and it is updated within 24hours. You will receive an email notification once the badge has been updated to your account.

Vera & John tournaments


Vera & John casino often holds tournaments on different games. Players get trophies for both participating and for winning. You are also awarded an achievement badge for achieving certain goals. Achievement badges are awarded on variety of games one has played, frequency of logging in and winning given amounts on certain games. By hovering over an achievement badge, you will be able to see what is required to achieve it.


Is there consequence for inactivity?


If you do not earn any coin in 45 consecutive days, some bandits may visit your account and steal your coins.  However, if you resume playing, the bandits will not take away your coins. Coins expire if you account remains inactive for 180 consecutive days. Your account is deactivated if it remains inactive for 150 consecutives days. To reactivate it, earn at least a coin by engaging in either of ongoing or one time activities.


The more active you are on the Vera & John online casino platforms, the more rewards you will receive and the further your level of membership rises. The Vera & John casino loyalty program is created to keep playing on the casino fun and meaningful.

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