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What range of casino games are available at Casino Room?

Casino Room offers a wide range of casino games including slots, Roulette, Blackjack, live Casino, video slots, poker and scratch cards. Each type of game has different levels to meet preferences and expertise of each player.

Are Casino Room games single player, multiplayer or live games?

At Casino Room, different games categories are available; either single player, multiplayer or live player. For single player games, one has unlimited time to play and think through their moves. However, for multiplayer games and live dealer games there is usually a time limit for each hand.


Is there an age limit for playing games?

Fun games have no age limitations however you have to be 18years and above to play for real money.


Can I play free games?

Yes. You can play fun games or as a visitor for free. You can use the fun games to learn the ropes without fear of making a loss.  When you are ready, you can log in to play with real money.


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Why do I see a black box when I open games?

The black box could be caused by using an inappropriate browser or an outdated flash player. Therefore, try opening the games on Google chrome or update your flash player.


How can I see my game history?

Under settings, go to “game history” to be able to access your playing history. If you cannot find the history, contact our support team with the dates you want to check the game history for.


Why does my game keeps spinning?

Spinning most often results from a connection problem. To resolve it log out and then log back in to the website. Before logging out, consider refreshing the page first. Upon restoring the connection, you will be able to resume where you left off the game before the disconnection.


What happens if I experience an internet disconnection when playing?

At times, you cannot control internet disconnection. When the connection is re-established, refresh the page or log out and then log back in. Your game will resume from where it was before the disconnection.


What are bonus games?

Bonus games are games used to play off bonuses. Upon opening a bonus game of your choice, your bonuses will be available for playing.

What is live casino gaming?

Live casino gaming brings the benefits of a land casino to the comfort of your home. Live casinos enable players to connect real time with other players and play against them. Baccarat, Roulette, Blackjack and a variety of other games are available as live casino games.


How do I decide which game to play?

Your game of choice will first be determined by the type of game you know to play. Go for the games you are conversant with especially when playing for real money. If you know how to play more than one game, then your choice will be determined by your preference.

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