Types of Casino bonuses in UK

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Since the advent of online casinos in UK, players are always treated to various bonuses and deals. Therefore, it’s not a surprise that there are different types of bonuses offered to an ordinary UK player. Some UK casinos run exclusive promotions and hence they may be customized to appeal to their target audience. The most common types of bonuses include High roller bonus, no deposit bonus, welcome bonus, refer-a-friend bonus and deposit bonus among others.

Welcome bonus

Also known as sign up bonus, welcome bonus is undoubtedly the most common type of casino bonus offered to UK players. As the name alludes, welcome bonus is available to players when they join a new casino platform. Mostly, the welcome bonus is usually a hybrid of no deposit and deposit bonus. Meaning that there are some instances that a player is required to make a deposit to enjoy the bonus while in another scenario, the player is only required to sign up .It basically depends with  casino’s terms and conditions.

No Deposit bonus

No-deposit bonus is yet another popular type of bonus offered to UK players. As the name suggests, to be eligible for this bonus, you are not supposed to make a deposit. A no deposit bonus involves your playing account being credited with a predetermined cash amount which can be as little as 10 pounds. No deposit bonuses are usually lower compared to other bonus types. The sum of the bonus depends on the casino of your choice.



Deposit Bonus

Deposit bonus type is the exact opposite of the No-deposit bonus. To get this type of casino bonus, a player is required to make a deposit to his playing account. The deposit bonus is usually expressed as a percentage of the deposited amount. Compared to no-deposit bonuses, deposit bonuses have lower wagering requirements and loose underlying terms and conditions.

High Roller Bonus

This bonus type is reserved for players making substantial deposits. Most UK casinos offer generous bonuses for players with a decent bankroll. For example, a UK player maybe offered a 100 pounds cashable bonus for a deposit of over £1000.The wagering requirement of this type of casino bonus is relatively low.

Refer-a-Friend Bonus

To attract more players, UK casinos offer a special type of bonus known as Refer-a-friend bonus. Meaning, if you get your friend to sign up and actually make a deposit on their platform via a unique link, you are rewarded with a given amount. Refer-a-friend policies tend to change from one casino to another. This type of bonus does not have a wagering requirement and hence can be withdrawn instantly.


On top of bonus types highlighted above, a UK player may receive bonuses such as payment method bonus and other regular bonuses. In unique scenarios, UK casinos may give you a bonus just because you used a specific payment method to make a deposit. The payment method bonus can be a fixed amount or vary with the size of the deposit. Although free money is enticing, caution should be exercised before accepting a bonus. Untrustworthy casinos may offer you a bonus with humongous wagering requirement to keep you from making a withdrawal.


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